Monday, 11 May 2015

Me Made May #2

Me Made May week 2 with So Zo . Still selecting things I have made from my wardrobe this week and it is showing up a few gaps too. I really need a long sleeved back T-shirt and some solid colour garments.

Wednesday 6th May

Worn to - work today teaching parents English
With - Leggings, black vest and boots
From - Sew me something Kate dress pattern.
Thoughts - I like it but it is not my favourite shape for my figure, might need to make some tweeks,very comfortable though.
Make again? - Yes but not in cord, it needs something lighter.

Thursday 7th May

Worn to - More casual work today as I am working with reception children involving sitting on the floor a lot.
With - bought Moleskins jeans and long sleeve top.(needs to be black)
From - jumper pattern from ravelry made with Noro Chunky
Thoughts - I love it and wear it often. Incidently, it is the post on my blog I get the most hits on since I started blogging.
Make again? - Definitely.

Friday 8th May

Worn to - Invigilating exams in the morning and doing tutorials for teaching apprentices English and maths in the afternoon. 
With - Jersey striped dress bought two years ago
From - Cardigan pattern from Fade to Grey by Louisa Harding
Thoughts - I have worn this cardigan a lot over the last 2 years and I can always find an outfit to wear it with.
Make again? - Yes

Saturday 9th May

Worn to - Meal out with old friends
With - Bought jeans. 
From - Silky 1970's top from a vintage pattern. Coat from sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt.
Thoughts - I love this casual pub going out outfit. I have worn the top so many times and everyone comments on the fabric from Minerva.
Make again? - I already have another top cut out. The coat? mmmm not sure I would make another one for a while but if I did I would line it and make the collar smaller.

Sunday 10th May
The girls are helping me out today because I am painting with my dad so nothing to show today from me.

Worn to - Run around in grandad's garden while mum paints!
With - Leggings of course as always.
From - OK Big sis is wearing her hoodie from Ottobre and Little M is in a hand me down jersey skirt from her sister also from Ottobre.
Thoughts - I love the way I thought I would have to dip out today and then they came downstairs dressed like that without my intervention.
Make again? - yes to both. 

I am still in my pyjamas at the moment, sewing actually. 
What shall I wear today?

Thanks for looking. Jo xxxx


  1. I am really enjoying this challenge. It does two things for me: 10 I need to get my sewing machine out more and make things for me 2) I am inspired by the variety of make that you have and am determined to begin to include this in my crafting life. I do make lots of different things always, but not to wear, this could be the start of a turning point for me...

  2. The delight looking at all those outfits, you certainly are one talented lady.

  3. I love your red cardigan! And your girls are the cutest, what a lovely family you are!

  4. I love these posts, you look terrific by the way in everything you make.

  5. What a fantastic lot of made yourself's you have!! They all look good on you too Jo! xx

  6. Yay you, looking fab! love your coat and the collar!
    I am only dipping in and out of MMM cos I am costume sewing for work!
    bestest daisy J x

  7. You are so creatively awesome Jo! I love that you not only make your clothes but that you mix pieces to create new looks!! Every outfit is adorable!!! You seriously have a design eye friend! Happy new week to you and your crew! Nicole

  8. I have to say this is fascinating, not just to see what you've made, but to find out what you've been doing each day and how you dress for different things. It's fun to see, and you always make great stuff which suits you so well. xx

  9. Even if you did a replay on this week's clothes, you'd still look great.