Sunday, 31 May 2015

Me Made May #4

Hellooo! We are back from our holidays and I have some feel good holiday snaps mixed in with my last Me Made May post.It is a bit more chaotic this time with some days missed but clothes made and worn by me nonetheless.

Worn to - Home day today packing for holidays
Made - Mathilde Blouse in Liberty Florence fabric.Jersey necker made up out of fabric that was too thin for a T-shirt
With - New jeans with stars!!! bought in M&S for £14 on a sale rail.
Thoughts - I like this blouse but I do struggle with what to wear it with so it has occasional outings when the temperatures are Spring like.
Make again? - Probably not. I took quite a bit of fabric out of the sleeves when I made it. It doesn't earn it's keep in my wardrobe really. Sorry.

Journey stop off at Hardwick Hall

Worn to - Travel on holidays
Made - Jeans from burda
With - A second hand sweatshirt
Thoughts - They really are a home made staple, as you will see!
Make again? - yep, maybe in fine cord or cotton drill

Worn to - The beach
Made - Cord skirt, t-shirt and neck wrap
With - navy leggings
Make again? - Yes

Worn to - Exploring Whitby
Made - T-shirt
With - New Gap city slicker trousers (thanks Bloke, I love them)denim jacket later when it got windy

Worn to - Meal out with my dad and his wife who joined us on holiday and the children too
Made - Shift dress
With - Leggings and a denim jacket. Along with my cherry brooch from Amy at Love made my home.
Thoughts - Staple summer dress.
Make again? - Definitely. I altered the pattern specially for me.

Little M joined in with her going out dress too with a similar-ish pose! I made it in early March and it is getting small already.My mum knit the cardigan.

Worn to - Play crazy golf!
Made - Vintage top
With - Gap trousers

Worn to - Lunch and more walking
Made - Dress and necker
With - Leggings and navy jumper

Worn to - Fossil hunting at Robin Hoods Bay on the beach
Made - Jeans from burda
With - A bought t-shirt

So I wore variations of these clothes for a week and never got tired of them. What have I learnt from doing Me Made May?

  1. I must stop making things because 'they-go-with-jeans' because I am at work four days a week when I can't even wear jeans!
  2. I need to make a summer jacket because I only have a denim one and that is either too casual or I am wearing denim jeans so it looks silly.
  3. I need to make some plain knits and solid colour items so that I can wear my floral/patterned makes easily.
  4. I actually like wearing the clothes I make.
I hope you have enjoyed this little journey of sewing, I know it is a bit of a marathon. I have loved seeing other peoples clothes which I have been following on Pinterest and it has given me a lot of inspiration. I'm off to catch up on some of your some blogs because we didn't have the internet for a whole week on holiday!!!

Love Jo xxx

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  1. Loved these posts Jo! Very inspiring! You look lovely in all your outfits. Bee xx

  2. Wow, you have made so many gorgeous things Jo. They fit so well and you always look very stylish. Whitby looks lovely too
    Jacquie x

  3. I like the liberty blouse in the first picture best of all the clothes you have made. It's really pretty and perfect as it is on a warm spring or summers day. Otherwise a cardigan over it would be nice. Maybe grey, blue, pink or red? Other colours too perhaps. The style is very flattering and suits you as does the fabric. It would go with lots of different plain coloured trousers or skirts as well as jeans. Along with your blue floral skirt it suits you best of all your makes, in my view.

  4. You have made some beautiful clothes and suit you well. I haven't been to Whitby for years so it was a blast from the past, looks like you had good weather.

  5. I have loved following you for me made may! Your makes are all fantastic!

  6. Loving these posts Jo....your handmade wardrobe is very impressive. I adore that Mathilde blouse in the lIberty fabric, just gorgeous.
    Marianne x

  7. When you finished creating your own wardrobe, can I send you my measurements please? I quite fancy some nice fitting cords :-) I do love your sandals, Doc Marten? Looking for a pair to take to Cornwall. Cx

    1. Yes you spotted them well. they are fourteen years old now but still going strong. Jo x

  8. Great to see more of your wonderful sewing and clothes!! Lovely that you combined them here with what you have been doing on your holiday as well. Looks as though you had a great time! Thank you for the brooch mention, glad that you are enjoying wearing it! xx

  9. Jo wow! cannot believe you work four days a week have two small girls AND manage to sew all these beauties..
    Intrigued by the jeans what pattern? and I love the shift dress out fit the best!
    sew well done to you...
    D xxxx

    1. It is getting harder I must say. I had a craft clear out today based on what I actually have time left to make. If I didn't LOVE it, it had to go. The jeans pattern is from Burda and you can get it at Minerva. It is actually a pretty uninspiring packet sleeve but I had seen them made on Handmade by Carolyn so I knew they would be fine. You should definitely try them. Jo x

  10. Aha! The post holiday-wifi free binge is upon you! I hope you have fun!

    I have really enjoyed reading your Me Made May posts. It really makes me want to get my machine out and get sewing!

  11. You're awesome, Jo. I love how you intersperse photos of yourself with photos of the places you visit. It really helps make the outfit come alive even more when I know how you spent the day in it, you know what I mean? I loooove the blouse in the first photo, everything about it, the fabric, the style and fit.

  12. Your blouses are really lovely. Using prints/florals is tempting me at the moment.
    I'm so pleased you could share your holiday pics with us. Miss M looks great.
    Shift dresses work fairly well for work. One or two skirts with your blouses could make your 'go with jeans' pieces become work friendly too.
    Cheers Jo!!

  13. My goodness Jo!! You have outdone yourself!!! Just look at all of the outfits that you made!! Just amazing to me! And your trip looked beautiful!!! Such a great post!! Happy making this week! Nicole xo

  14. Crikey heck Jo - you could open a shop! I love the Mathilde blouse - such gorgeous material - but what I really want to know is ... where did you get those chunky sandals?! Jane x

  15. What a lovely set of holiday pics and me made outfits! Those bursa jeans are fab, I had to look twice as I thought they were shop bought!! I found leggings to be an essential for my spring holiday too!!!