Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Me Made May week 3

Me made May week 3 linking with So Zo: I am not jaded yet so still enjoying the challenge as well as seeing how other bloggers tackle it too. The weather has been pretty changeable over the last 7 days.

Monday 11th May
Worn to - Home day today. School run, laundrette, spot of sewing, cooking, gardening and tidying up.
Made - Lined Cord Skirt from Ottobre magazine with pockets and waistband necklace from ravelry
With - Bought Navy t-shirt with pink shoes
Thoughts - I love it. Thanks to my friend for the gifted and thrifted fabric.
Make again? - This is my second one, there will be more!

Tuesday 12th May
Worn to - work tutoring English to apprentices.
Made - Lined Cord Skirt again. Jumper from Laurie Summer top here with Louisa Harding yarn merletto, surprisingly I made it in 2012 when I checked ravelry.
With - Sari scarf and pink shoes
Thoughts - I am in love with this skirt.
Make again? - Yes to skirt. My mum is going to make the top for herself too.

Wednesday 13th May
Worn to - work tutoring English to a parent group
Made - Jumper from Laurie Summer top and necklace from ravelry here
With - Bought, wide leg, white, linen trousers
Thoughts - A comfortable to wear summer outfit even when it is a bit breezy. The top had a ribbon threading through the holes to nip in the waist but I got bored of re-threading it every time I took it on and off but it does look better with it in.

Thursday 14th May
Worn to - work teaching reception children
Made - Bead edged crochet triangle in regia sock yarn
With - Grey jumper and white trousers from yesterday and my felt birdie brooch from Bee at Linen Cloud
Thoughts - Sorry, it was colder than I thought today so a bit of a lame effort!

Friday 15th May
Worn to - work in the office doing apprentice admin and ICT tutoring
Made - Vintage dress circa 1968
With - Green shoes and bare leg tights
Thoughts - I love the feel of this dress with the silky lining.

Saturday and Sunday 16th May
Worn to - The cabin for a sleepover.
Made - My wearable jeans toile in brown cord from Ottobre
With - T-shirt and old fleece
Thoughts - My try out pair of jeans helped me practise a zip fly, top-stitching on pockets and belt loops. They are my gardening/outdoor trousers!

Monday 18th May
Worn to - Work: conducting tests, office work oh, and the dentist!
Made - T-shirt and trousers from a free Sew home&style pattern (on the letters page this month.)
With - Spotty scarf
Thoughts - Great for work. Five people asked me where I got my trousers from today! 

Tuesday 19th May
Same again but with warmer lined trousers and a stupid smile!

So still wearing my own clothes, having a haircut on Thursday too. I may struggle next week as we are on holiday and it is bad enough knowing what to pack for a seaside holiday in the UK in May without having to factor in homemade stuff as well!

Thanks for looking. Have you ever sewn anything for yourself?
Jo xx


  1. A pretty smile I think you mean! I think that is my favourite photo and outfit too. You look great wearing all your own stuff. I love that it's a mixture of sewn and knitted as well.

  2. Amazing!!!! The fact that you have done all of this and it all looks so beautiful is inspiring! So much talent my friend! Hope you have a lovely holiday! Nicole xo

  3. Wow I love all your makes! It's very inspiring :) I will progress beyond scarves and wrist warmers one day!!

  4. You have such a talent and a beautiful smile, great makes.

  5. Amazing, as usual! I would pack thermal underwear, wellies and rain gear.... that's what I am packing for our camping trip, better safe than sorry. I am planning to run around in undies if it is hot hot hot. Looking forward to seeing your latest make, the one you hinted at over at mine :-) xx

  6. Your outfits are fantastic, I'm not surprised lots of people ask you where you get your clothes from!

  7. Your outfits are fantastic, I'm not surprised lots of people ask you where you get your clothes from!

  8. That red t shirt with lace edging is so good, I got the pattern for my Mum who loves sewing and lace. Well done on all the stuff you've made and wear regularly!

  9. Jo i adore your vintage dress pattern suits you too!! can you tell me the number i want to search for it?
    love ash x

    1. Tis' Simplicity 7193. In fact in Sew this month the free pattern is really similar. A short sleeved shift, with a hepburn collar the dart lines are in a different place though. Jo x

  10. I used to make a lot of my own clothes but haven't down for ages. Yours all look great, I'm just back from a holidayto the Outer Hebrides. The t-shirts never made it out of the case! Pcak plenty of layers.

  11. I really like the skirt and the vintage dress! I'm looking forward to looking through more of your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

  12. Ooh, I love your style! Such wonderful me-mades! I've gone and saved the crochet button necklace pattern on ravelry. What about the beaded triangle scarf? Was that something you just made up on your own, or did you find a pattern for that, too? :) Lisa

    1. The scarf is a granny triangle which I am sure you will find a tutorial for on ravelry and the border I made myself but is shown in another blog post linked through ravelry here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/cape02/elise-shawl-2

  13. You look adorable in everything, I love that you are really making use of the things you have made.

  14. Gosh so many makes, you are clever, cute cord skirt!
    Caz xx

  15. Look at you! You look great every single day and you are always smiling. You should be a model, I'm serious. You have a cute shape and you're so happy.

  16. Absolutely loving your handmade wardrobe Jo! Especially the blue floral skirt...it's beautiful. You look lovely in all the photos too...you have a very sweet smile.
    Marianne x
    Ps. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog x

  17. You always look so good! I love the variety in your wardrobe. My favourite is the red top with the lace trim around the hem, that is very chic. xx