Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sewing the brief

I seem to have so little time... Where is it all going? too? it is frustrating isn't it? I had some bloggy deadlines to meet, some more important than others, so I needed a project that would fit a wide criteria, namely:

  1. I would love it, wear it and it would also go with something I already had. (My new years resolution)
  2. It was from a vintage pattern for my Vintage pledge 2015 with stitching odyssey.
  3. It needed to be from Simplicity to enter their sewing competition, I had already received the free pattern and really wanted to enter.
  4. I could wear it on holiday in Me Made May 2015.
  5. It would replace the catastrophe I made of my Minerva fabric this month which is due for post today (one way stretch towelling long story, let's not go there!)
What an earth would I do to meet all this criteria with 
time ticking away before our holiday next week?

I made this in fabric I bought last Summer! It's a vintage pattern, from the Simplicity competition entry requirement, made from Minerva fabric with the lacy zip and I LOVE it.

I will be making more of these I can tell you. I have some blue chambray under the bed that would make a good one, maybe with some applique on the side.

This is what happens when you get the camera too close on self timer!
You can't see them on here but you can on the pattern, these deep side darts really suit me and I shall be looking out for more of them in future patterns.

I even managed to pattern match the roses on the back seam.

I used the three quarter sleeve pattern piece and made them shorter, made the zip shorter at the back and added the modern twist of having it out the outside. So I have entered the competition and used up the last of this pretty ribbon edged fabric from Minerva

Thanks Vicki for letting me off this months fabric disaster! 

Enjoy the links. I'm off to pack. What an earth do you pack for a UK holiday in May in Whitby? Jo x


  1. Very impressive, hope you have a great holiday. I would suggest layers, so that you can take off or put on as needed.

  2. Fabulous Jo!!!! Looks very pretty and really good on you! As for packing, well for any travel in the UK I plan for a mix of sweltering heat and freezing cold and rain and rain and rain, so whatever you pack is likely to cover one or both of those bases!! Have fun and enjoy your time away! xx

  3. Love, love, love your top! That fabric is so pretty, and the style really suits you. Know what you mean about time, it's flying way too quickly at the mo! Have a lovely holiday and hope the sun shines in Whitby 😊 xx

  4. Your top is gorgeous and looks great with jeans. I've been inspired - I've got a couple of patterns for making tops so may have a go. Whitby in May? How about a nice dress that can be worn with both cardigan and woolly tights or without? And definitely anorak and sun-cream! Judy.

    1. I have packed and there are two shift dresses that I can wear with leggings and long sleeved t-shirts underneath, oh yes and a big jumper! Jo X

  5. EVERYTHING!!! from t shirts to hoodies to a complete hat and scarf set. This is England, remember? Whitby? Dracula country? Enjoy the holiday and please blog your fish n chip suppers!! x

  6. Thanks for paying this Jo. I bought this pattern from minerva myself and it arrived last week. I've been contemplating what fabric I should do it in. The choices? Doesn't help that I'm so indecisive!

  7. It looks great - that cut is lovely for your shape.

    For the holiday? Pack everything. Coats, scarves, t-shirts, flip flops. You never know, especially in Yorkshire! And wine, lots of wine. xx

  8. Adorable Jo! Very flattering. :-)

  9. This top is so sweet Jo. This pattern is one of those that you can use when you have gorgeous fabrics like this one that need to be used. Those roses are in the right place too. A great balance.
    Now if your were holidaying here, you'd be fine in shorts and tees. Enjoy your break.

  10. You look amazing and your sewing does too. Perfect pattern for that wonderful fabric.

  11. Fab top Jo!
    enjoy your holiday!
    best d xxx