Monday, 1 September 2014

Hooray! woollie hats

We have been away for a few days to Tenby in South Wales which is a brilliant place. It was not very sunny but we didn't care. We went on the beaches in layers rounded off with a fleece and then just stripped off according to cloud movements.

I took two balls of wool with me for the few days with two specific projects in mind. The Little Woodland Warrior Hat from Sublime 630. I have made it before but Big Sis needs a bigger one and Little M has taken a shine to it too.

The bigger one is made from Sirdar Supersoft Aran which is left over from my next Minerva make waiting to be revealed in September. I admit it is a bit strange to show you the leftover project before you see the real deal but that is the way it is!

The purple one is from a ball of chunky given to me by one of my crochet ladies. She worked on a local yarn stall on the market and often gave me the odd ball of yarn - very kind indeed. I think it is called Marble by James C Brett.

The flower is from my pattern on the left and I added tassels because they are just a bit cute. I love using up every last bit of a ball of wool, there is something really satisfying in getting it spot on. This is what was left of the purple.

In my latest attempt to only make things that we need or that go with other things I have to say that the grey hat goes brilliantly with Big Sis' hand-me-down spotty scarf and crochet mitts. The purple hat was made specifically to go with this hand- me-down coat I received last week. I have good friends haven't I?

So it's August, I'm knitting winter hats and because it was so windy, the children ran around on the beach in them. 

Do you think summer is fading? or have we a few more weeks, pretty please... Jo xxx


  1. I am hoping for a an Indian summer, a few more weeks before the wind and the rain hammer us again. The forecast is looking good for the rest of the week.

  2. The summer is definitely fading but won't go without a fight. There are always a few hot and sunny days in September. I just sorted through our knitted hats and scarves, washed what smelt a bit of sweaty hair and now we are ready for the colder weather. I am very tempted to knit a hat like yours, they are super cute. I am not sure if my almost 11 year old still wants to wear a cute hat though.... Hand me down clothes are the best. My kids think they are better than new stuff because they have been loved before and therefore must be fab. Cx

  3. Hi Jo! Thanks for the lovely pics of Tenby beach, it brings back happy memories from a time when I lived in West Wales! :) And I'm loving the hats you made for your kids, they are adorable (both the hats and the kids!!) Yes, I should make a hat or two soon, just finished a Fairisle cowl (which I blogged about). I read that some warm and sunny weather is coming soon, so hoping that you will benefit from it as well over in the UK.
    Have a great week!
    love, Ingrid xx

  4. I heard summer is coming back next week. I remember wearing short sleeves in November many years ago, so there is still time for lots more sunny days.

  5. Ohhh, such adorable little woolly hats! Your children are lucky that you make such pretty things for them :)

  6. It's great to go to the seaside whatever the weather isn't it? We had 2 days in Filey last week. I love the hats - they look great on your children (glad I'm not the only one knitting woolly hats in the summer!)
    Caz xx

  7. Those are beautiful hats! They came out great. Your girls look so much alike, they could be twins.

  8. Across the pond here near Portland, OR, it seems we have more weeks of hot summer temperatures this year before Autumn falls upon us. The hats you made are pretty and practical, and obviously loved by your girls. Success, Jo! xx

  9. We are weeks away from Autumn here, so sad to say. I love the little ladies in their gorgeous hats, they could be in a photo shoot for that pattern.

  10. I love the hats!! You did really well using up every last scrap of yarn and yet having just enough for the project. You are getting really good at that. Glad that you enjoyed your time away. xx

  11. Wonderful hats! The children clearly love them-they look great! It looks like you had a lovely time in Wales in spite of the wind. We may be lucky enough to get a little mellow has been lovely and sunny here today after awful rain yesterday,
    Alison xx

  12. Ok I loved all of that garden goodness in your last post Jo and how adorable are these hats!!! Your sweeties look so adorable in them!! And yes....everything goes so beautifully together!!! Happy end of summer....I can not believe I am writing that! Nicole xoxo

  13. Those hats are dead cute! I love the idea of wearing woolie hats on the beach. Things were never that bad before....
    And we are BOUND to have a few good days/weeks when the children go back to school! Always do!