Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A winter wonder

Anyway, moving on, so to speak! Thank you for all your wonderful words of wisdom, I loved reading them...

I bought this artisan wool seven years ago, when I had maternity money swimming around in my bank account; it was expensive. Seven years ago my lovely auntie knit it into this gorgeous poncho for Big Sis. She wore it lots and people always commented on it. Little M has had her wear out of it too. It turned up in this summer's clear out as an item that no longer fits anyone.

Yep, that is what I did to it. Moving on is good remember. I frogged it to use the yarn again. It was hard to do because I did not realise it was made in four quarters so I had to find the seam yarn and snip it - a risky business - but I was lucky four times!

I made these and they were very warmly welcomed by Little M...

...and in keeping with my recent promise to myself to only make things that go with other things we already have, a good match with the body warmer, I thought.

The scarf is a pattern I found on ravelry here. It is fun to make with a little ruffle on the ends that was so simple but effective. The hat is a retro rip out from a 'Womans Own' magazine from the early eighties! Where on earth did I get that from??

Happy Knitting
Jo xxx


  1. She looks beautiful, a job well done. I love the yarn, the colour is a delight.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one that reuses old knitwear! Looks adorable!

  3. Aahh your daughter looks super happy with her new hat & scarf. A great idea to reuse a past knit & especially using wool with happy memories attached too.

  4. Jo, are you sure you've gone back to work? I don't believe it! Only joking. ;-) What a good idea to unravel an out-grown item and re-use such gorgeous yarn. I'm embarrassed to say I don't think that would ever have occurred to me! It's lovely. x

    1. ah well spotted dear Gillian, I did the unpicking back in the summer holidays and the knitting bit over the weekend and early week. I think the unpicking probably took longer than making them!! Jo

  5. Wonderful! I am sure that all the items made out this lovely wool will be soaked up in memories,

  6. What a great idea. You are the most resourceful crafter I know, hands down.

  7. Such valuable upcycling! The poncho was cute but it's even cuter made up into new items and worn again . I remember my mum doing this a lot when I was small, outgrown jumpers would get new 'lives'. We need to do this more-you are so resourceful and creative-well done!
    Alison xx

  8. Dear Jo
    Fabulous re-using of a well loved item. The new hat and scarf look great too - as does your model!
    Best wishes

  9. Dear Jo! Loving this, so inspiring! Make do and re-make, and what a lovely yarn that is! Your finished items look delightful, and your kids love them, I'm convinced!!!
    Well done!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  10. Wonderful job Jo. I hve been looking at the things in my closet I have made but never wear and have been thinking I have a treasure trove of beautiful yarn waiting to be made into something else.

  11. Fab upcycling, to a stylist thrity make.
    Clare x

  12. What a lovely little set and your daughter looks so sweet wearing them. :)