Sunday, 14 September 2014

Busy at showtime

Thank you for all your comments on the barbie dress, I nearly didn't post it because I thought it insignificant but I'm glad it triggered such happy memories for people.

So, onto the weekend, it has been fun packed and hectic and of course involves some craft. First up was our local veg and craft show on Saturday.

My entry into the limerick competition.
The girls enjoyed making vegetable models. I mean look how happy this girl is...

Yes, you have seen it correctly, it is a poodle made out of cauliflower! She came second and was thrilled.

We won lots of certificates and the whole family entered a range of competitions.

As soon as the prize giving was over and we had collected our exhibits at 6pm we dumped the stuff at home and raced to the cabin at the farm. We didn't want to miss sleeping over this weekend with all the mild dry weather we have been having.

We celebrated our day with Bloke's second prize apple wine and the children had a fizzy 'wine' too.

Then we had to eat Bloke's second prize courgette cake.

While waiting for the fire to heat up the girls and I opened our prize money. Didn't I mention prize money? £1 for a win, 50p for 2nd and 30p for third prize. Whoooo! They thought they were rich with £2.50 each.

Sometimes you get toasted marshmallows just right...

I reminded them not to burn their lips on the hot marshmallows and as I turned around I saw them cooling them down like this - it amused me.

I left my new bookmark at the cabin as I enjoyed reading Big Sis's nature journal. She records all the wildlife she has seen every time we go to our cabin, she looks them up in the reference books we keep there. We bought her the journal for her birthday. She wanted me to cover up her picture of a frog - I loved it but she didn't.

So a little bit of everything: crochet, wine making, baking, learning and ultimately on Sunday afternoon after a long walk with lovely friends, some relaxing in a deck chair. 

Hope you had a great weekend whatever you got up to. 
Jo xx


  1. What a wonderful weekend Jo - and as for that poodle....brilliant! Jane x

  2. It looks like you all had a great time at the show, and then back at the cabin. All those! I love your daughter's veggie poodle, and that nature journal is adorable. What a great idea! Your bookmark is so pretty Jo! xo

  3. Bonjour Jo!
    You had a great weekend! The bookmark is cute.
    Have a nice week!@

  4. Looks like fun! I'm so impressed with that poodle.

  5. Hi Jo, sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! Well done for entering and winning prizes! Your little crochet bookmark is pretty! Been to England and back again this weekend, spent time with 3 of my kids which was great, but all that travelling - still tired after all that! (Now just got home from my Evening class, need to catch up on sleep!)
    Have a lovely week!
    Ingrid xx

  6. How fun that ou all won at the Fair, that is just so lovley.

  7. it looks that you have had a lovely weekend.the poodle is gorgeous.
    hugs regina

  8. what a lovely post - and didn't you do well at the show? I love looking round village shows - the exhibits are fascinating. Your daughter's vegetable dog is brilliant. So cute that they think £2.50 is a fortune.
    Caz xx

  9. Hi Jo....

    The beautiful girl with the cauliflower poodle is awesome...
    I am glad to know your crochet bookmark. So pretty..