Wednesday 24 September 2014

Hooray! new PJ's

I bought some jersey, it was in the sale, I need some long sleeved pyjamas, I am getting cold at night now.

It was all going well and then I used some contrast jersey for the neck binding because I didn't have enough of the stripy one to get the full neck length. Look what happened to the neck? 

I did not stretch the binding enough and so it was too slack. I unpicked it, did it again and took photos for a quick tutorial so that it doesn't happen to you.

Stitch the neck binding into a full circle. (Ignore the fact that mine has a join in the centre front, I still needed to squeeze the piece out of the grey!) fold it into quarters and mark the quarters with chalk or pins. Pin the neck binding to the centre, centre back and two shoulder seams using the marks you have made.  Now stretch the fabric as you pin it to the neckline between these points. It seems a harsh stretch but it will be fine. 

I sew my neck binding so that the seam appears on the outside. Then I fold the binding over and top stitch with the right side facing me, then I know exactly what the outside finish will look like.

Ahh! much better.

I made the stripes on the sleeves horizontal for a real pyjama look. The pattern is Autumn Mood which I made as a tunic with short sleeves and pockets but here it is the same pattern pieces but long sleeved and short with a curve on the bottom.

yawn.... bit tired and all cosy but it is time for the school run. Better get a scoot on and change into my clothes. I'm starting to get stuck into my Autumn handmade wardrobe now. 

Wakey! Wakey! Jo xxxxx


  1. This looks fabulous Jo, it would make a great daytime wear too, but I'm sure it will be super comfy to sleep in.
    Jacquie x

  2. It looks great Jo!!! You are amazing making things like this!! xx

  3. I am so impressed it looks great. I have attempted pyjama trousers and have made some for gifts this year but then I buy the tops. Maybe I should give it a try when I have a little more time, the wedding seems to be taking life over at the moment.

  4. They look very warm & cosy, just the thing for this weather now.

  5. Sew comfy! There's something to be said for darker evenings when you can get your pj's on earlier ;)

  6. Hi Jo, thanks for sharing! How lovely that you made your own pyjamas!
    They look stylish and comfy at the same time!
    Love the fabric - and what you did with it!
    Sweet dreams!!! :)
    Ingrid xx

  7. Making your own PJ's you are so clever - that jersey fabric is really pretty, great choice.

  8. Very cute, sleeves look great cut that way! Sam xx

  9. Aren't PJ's just the best clothes of all... shame we can't get a way with wearing them to work really.

  10. Bonjour
    You have all the talents!

  11. You did a great job and I would be wearing that as a shirt, not PJ's!

  12. What don't you make!!! LOVE them pal!! Have a great weekend! Nicole xoxo

  13. Very cosy! I think you could wear this during the day as well. The print is cute. Happy snoozing lovely! Bee xx

  14. You're so good at the details. I really love how you made the direction of the stripes on the sleeves run a different way to the stripes on the body. A simply touch but very effective. x