Sunday, 7 September 2014

Carefully Crafting

I am still carefully crafting by making sure I choose to make things that we need or that compliment other things we already have. This new crafting groove of mine is really working for me at the moment, what with working four days a week. My crafting takes me to a place where I really think about what I want to make.

With this in mind, I have made a scarf to go with my coat.

I can dig out my military style corduroy coat that I had put away for a few years because when I used to stand outside nursery to collect the children, us parents got soaked if it rained so I have been wearing a hooded waterproof for about four years. 

Now I am working and driving between learners for their tutoring I can get back to being a bit more fashionable and a bit less waterproof.

The yarn is Noro Chunky shade 325 and is left over from this pullover which I wear all the time. I had a skein and a half leftover because I decided to make it with short sleeves.

I used up every last strand to the point where I needed to use some Red Heart Fina DK in Moss 2010 to do the edges and two layers of my flower. When you pay for Noro you feel you have to use every last scrap.

Not quite a scarf, not quite a shawl, it is exactly what I wanted. I used my Minerva pattern, Sirdar 7046, where I made the blue daisy summer wrap earlier this year.

The colours of Autumn would you say?

Thanks for stopping by Jo xx


  1. Stunning, definitely Autumn it is beautiful.

  2. Yes, definitely the colours of autumn, and very beautiful indeed. x

  3. Oh I think this is beautiful.

    I had bought a long cape of Fall from a store. And my colors are autumn. This is so perfect just a nice size scarf.I like how you added the flower. Your leg warmers how cool is that. Is it for little girls or any ages the warmers?

    1. they are mine and I am 40 something! thanks for dropping by. xx

  4. Beautiful. kisses from Spain. Avelina

  5. Wonderful job Jo, a perfect project for that beautiful yarn.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Such beautiful colour Jo perfect for Autumn, it's gorgeous
    Clare x

  7. The colours of the yarn are lovely and work perfectly with your coat - having a waterproof coat for school pick up made me smile, I remember buying a very practical coat for exactly the same reason. Thanks for the link to the pattern
    Caz xx

  8. This is lovely, very Autumnal and both the scarf and brooch look great with your coat.
    Marianne x

  9.'re always creating such lovely things! This is sooo pretty. I love the yarn, the size and the darling flower pin too! xo

  10. Just perfect for autumn, it's lovely! Xx

  11. Hi Jo! You did a great job, with both the scarf and the brooch! I love Noro, and the colours are just right for autumn now! It will add a pretty and warm layer! You are right not to waste resources! It takes extra creativity to make the most of things! Well done!!!
    Ingrid xx

  12. I really love the scarf! The colour is just perfect for Autumn-I will be seeking out this Noro yarn as I haven't seen it before. Thanks for sharing the pattern link too! Hope the job is going well,
    Alison xx

  13. Oh so beautiful. You are clever! And stylish ;) ... Bee xx

  14. Bonjour!
    Your cowl is beautiful! Gorgeous colors!

  15. Another success, Jo! Both pretty and practical...and I love the different ways you have arranged it :) xx