Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hooray! Flippy skirt

I made a skirt for Big Sis at the start of the Easter Holidays but the truth be told - the one I made for her was massive because I did not realise when you measure your waist for a ribbing waistband you need to reduce it by about 80% because of the stretch so the one I made her, fits me!

It is really comfortable and if it was in a more adult fabric pattern and colour I would wear it myself with leggings but it looks a little childish on me.

My lens needs cleaning!
I have put it in the sewing bag for Amelia (aged 13) as something to aspire to, wear or try and make herself. 

It is a great way to knock up a quick comfy skirt.

Happy sewing Jo xxx


  1. I love spotty fabric - you never know, that may come in handy for a Halloween costume for you! Chrissie x

  2. Delightful, would it not be worth re-doing it? The fabric is lovely.

  3. It does look very comfortable, or am I saying that because I am now at an age to appreciate a stretchy waist!

  4. Adorable skirt, I want you for myself!

  5. It's so sweet, I'm sure she looks adorable in it. You probably do too. :)

  6. It's so cute! It's a shame it was too big for Big Sis. :)

    1. I made another one smaller for her, that is how I worked out the 80% reduction in ribbing size. So all's well that ends well. Jo x

  7. Gorgeous! What I would do to whip something like this out! How blessed you are to have such amazing talents! This skirt is adorable! Nicole xoxo