Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hooray! coasters

Hello! Today I am sharing a flower coaster pattern with you. I won a giveaway a while back from Sweetpea family and included in my little parcel was this flower coaster. 

Now I know everyone has gone a bit crazy for the Mandala at the moment but they don't really float my boat (yet!) but useful coasters to save my great, great-aunts dining table from coffee rings at crochet classes seemed like a good idea to me.

I dipped into my organised-stash-zip-bags, (just too dull to show you, but I do honestly!)I chose the one with cotton yarn in to get hooking. I have made three so far and I am planning to make more using this pattern from this great site called Craft Passion.

You know, the more mandalas I see, the more I might get 'hooked' in, it's just I always have things I really NEED to use on my making list.

Happy Crochet, crochet or mandalas. Jo x


  1. These are fab, Jo - just LOVE the colour combos you've used too. I'm with you on the mandala thing - I think they're lovely but not sure I'd use them. However, I have decided I'm going to make one for Yarndale this year, so I may just get hooked after that!
    Hope you're enjoying the sunshine,

  2. I love the coasters, the colour combinations are my cup of tea. I am not really a mandala fan either , but a coaster I could go with. I will check out the pattern.

  3. They're really pretty, Jo. I haven't made any mandalas yet either, for the same reason. I might try one soon, but not in a big hurry. Your coasters will make every drink special, even the glasses of water! :)

  4. Very pretty & useful! I might be attempting a mandala tonight, I seem to say that everyday though. Perhaps making a coaster is the way to go.

  5. They are very pretty, Jo and I like the colours you chose. I have seen a few mandalas on other blogs and I like them too, they seem to be very popular at the moment don't they? I really must learn how to crochet but it looks very strange using one hook instead of two needles. My sister wants me to start though and bought me a hook, wool and a beginner's books some time back. :)

  6. oooh, they are lovely Jo. I keep thinking I should make a Mandala for Lucy (Attic24), I hope to go to Yarndale this year. But my crochet skill are a bit rubbish. But something this size is more my level, if it goes wrong it is not too much to unpick ;0)
    Have a look at the pattern The Maybelle Crochet Flower on I have managed a couple using a crochet cotton I bought in Portugal. I feel a Daisy Garland coming on :0)

    1. I have seen those, they are pretty aren't they? Good Luck Jo x

  7. Jo, these are beautiful. I have to say the mandala craze has yet to bite me, I usually do not jump in when everyone else is doing something. I think they are lovely and all, just maybe not for me at this time.

  8. I think they are beautiful Jo, and will make great coasters - and they are sort of like mini mandalas as they are colourful and pretty and cute which are in my mind the main attributes of a mandala! Hope that you enjoy making them and that your crochet class enjoy using them, they will be a great inspiration to them I am sure! xx

  9. Mandalas don't float my boat either. Your coasters however are just the kind of project I feel the urge to start. They are pretty and useful and quick to make. I have zip bags with assorted yarns - I sort by weight and fibre content, sometimes colour, too. Happy hooking and have a lovely weekend. x

  10. These are wonderful great colour way
    Clare x

  11. These are lovely wee coasters Jo.
    Marianne x

  12. Hi Lovely Jo sorry not been in touch but things a bit awry with computers and work as usual. Love these coasters and could see them made into a fabulous bag. I am not hooked on the mandalas as yet, not sure why but maybe I will be soon. I notice that other people feel the same which makes me feel better. Have a fabulous weekend Jo. Big hugs as always

  13. I am the same about mandalas - what is the point of them, what are they actually for? That's what I wonder. These are useful and beautiful too. x

  14. Good idea Jo, my mandala making seems to have turned mostly towards coasters and they're nice to pop in the post to tell someone you're thinking of them.
    :-) Tracey xxx