Monday, 5 May 2014

First Sleepover

This weekend we have been putting things in the cabin and having our first sleepover there.

Books which I want to mull over while there are no other pressures to do anything else.

Books for gazing at clouds, naming wild flowers and fungi, a recipe book, musings and maps. Both bloke and I always like to dream about self-sufficiency too.

We had jobs to do.

Mixing wildflower seed with grass seed to sprinkle over the mound that was left after we had made the base for the cabin.

There was the dreary but essential job of waterproofing the building... so much painting.

The nicer job of putting all the things in that we have made, begged, been gifted or have a special meaning to us.

The girls were just so smitten with having bunk beds.

Picking flowers, drawing and colouring in.

The obligatory marshmallows.

A strange nights sleep, with sheep roaming around outside, owls hooting, dogs barking in the distance - you wouldn't think there would be so many sounds to be heard.

Some pond dipping on Monday, catching Mayfly nymphs, tadpoles and a waterboatman.

A walk in the woods. So many bluebells we could smell them.

They are pretty fond of a stick, my girlies. What more do you need? Thanks for stopping by and looking at our adventure.

Hope you had a relaxing time this weekend. Jo x


  1. What a fun adventure. Well done on all the work done so far, it looks wonderful and such a magical place. xx

  2. What a beautiful cabin you built, I am very impressed. Sticks are so much fun, and useful, too. We have a whole pile around the house because my little boys bring at least one home from every walk.

  3. So much fun, Jo! It looks wonderful, I love the way you're decorating it and the natural wood walls inside. I'm glad you're enjoying it so much already.

  4. So exciting, what a great adventure, Jo. I love what you have done to the inside, it certainly looks like a cosy little retreat for you and your family to enjoy. :)

  5. Looks amazing, I been scattering wild flower seeds to this weekend , in our wildlife border, have a wonderful time
    Clare x

  6. Oh wow!!!! It looks amazing inside and out. I love the washstand that you have set up and your upcycled chair and all of the other lovely things that you have been collecting. I hope that you had some time to sit and read your book selection! I look forward to seeing lots more from your beautiful cabin as time passes. xx

  7. It's good to see that you're all up and running now for the better weather and lovely to see those patchwork quilts being put to good use. I'm sure you're all going to have some great times in your new cabin. Liz

  8. This is just amazing!! I really would like to have a place to escape to....Gosh...don't you just want to stay there forever!?!!? It is beautiful Jo! All of your touches and those bunk beds are just wonderful! I can just feel the calm through your photos! Bravo! I am so happy for your family! Nicole xoxo

  9. It looks divine, a perfect get away from it all place. Many happy adventures.

  10. Sounds like you really had a lovely time.
    The interior of your Cabin looks fab.

  11. Oh your cabin looks fantastic and what a great place to get a way to. I'm sure you are going to have many adventures there. I can remember all that painting when I did my den last year it feels never ending. Funny you saying about the noise. I can remember when we first moved to the country seven years ago and being surprised at just how noisy silence can be.

  12. What a wonderful, wonderful weekend! The cabin is AMAZING! I love it, it reminds me of Girl Scouts and summer camps. I do think it would only be fair for you to host a crafter's weekend there sometime soon, an escape for all of us to meet up and see the place in person, eh? ;-) Chrissie x

  13. How wonderful everything is - you've all worked so hard and now you can enjoy the fruits of your labour! I love the pic of the girls with the bluebells, and don't their new quilts look gorgeous on their bunks! Enjoy!
    Love, Joy xo

  14. Oh yes please - I second Chrissie's suggestion! ;-) What a wonderful space you have created and I'm sure you will have lots of lovely adventures there.

  15. What a fabulous place to have! You're going to have some adventures there. X