Monday, 2 October 2017


A few weeks back now we all attended our local Horticultural and Craft show. We have a bit of a reputation for entering everything but the whole family likes to join in. 

This is the jumper my mum entered in the knitting section. Isn't it great? The cables look like little owls and it is funny to see people's eyes as they come to realise what the pattern creates. She won of course.

The children entered decorated biscuits and cereal cakes and Big Sis stuck her neck out and entered the adults chocolate cake class which came second. She can bake that girl. They roped their friend in this year too.

They got lots of prize money and we ate bumper amounts of cake and tea when we got back. Little M won the best exhibit in the children's classes with a 'garden on a plate' She loves doing this because she can be very meticulous and precise which is in her nature.

Bloke won the best item in show with his whittled letter opener, he was very modest and said it wasn't perfect but if you could touch it, it is soooo smooth - it is in his nature to be precise too.

I won things too. I feel a bit embarrassed to report that both Big Sis and I entered the scarf class. She entered her crochet scarf and I entered the Stranded infinity cowl. I was first and she was second! It was the adult class so I guess that's what happens when you mess with the big girls! It was all very good humored of course.

Do you have anything similar near you? 
Jo xxxxx

psst... There is another 'thing' I have bought a new sewing machine, but more on that later.


  1. well done you all! You have been busy. Love them all but have to say I think your bloke's letter opener is fab.

  2. What lovely family times - we have nothing like that here in the suburbs.

  3. Well done that family...especially those talented girls of yours.

  4. Well done all of you, what a talented family you are. There are events like this all over the Island throughout the Summer months combined with an agricultural show.

  5. I love all of your entries, but I will confess to coveting your stranded cowl, it is very lovely x (Mary)

  6. Well done all of you! A prize winning family indeed. I am surprised the puppy didn't enter anything :-)
    The owl jumper is beautiful, your mum must have spent ages stitching the eyes on each owl.
    Hope your new sewing machine is fun! xx

  7. Wow! Congrats to you and your family for the prizes:) It is so nice that all the family members are creative !
    Lovely sweater by your mom!

  8. Congratulations! I love the blue jumper.

  9. Brilliant! Well done to you all, I love it that you all craft and join in together. xx

  10. Woo hoo. Congratulations to you all. A well deserved haul. I love it when you all enter the different classes at your local show. What did Nanny get for her owl jumper?

  11. Well done! Talent runs in your family! And it does sound like a fun event. We have nothing like that around here, I wish we did.

  12. We have a county fair, which I have never entered, but I truly admire your family's entries at the horticulture and craft show! Cheers for each of you!!!!! xx

  13. Great pics.lovely that you all did something as a family ( a very talented family too ) by entering the Show and you all won something,Brilliant.x