Monday, 30 October 2017

Man Socks

I have made another pair of socks, this time with a ball of Regia Tweed 4ply. They knit up on 3mm needles as a mans sock. I have been travelling round knitting them in little pockets of time since I cast them on around the 1st September. It has been my portable knitting fix. 

It is that time of year when photographs start to get harder to take with regular light conditions so the ones below are quite varied as they have been taken on different days throughout September and October. Anyway I have been knitting these...

On a canal boat trip...

On my break at the office...

At the cabin, knitting with a view...

In a coffee shop between work appointments - raspberry and coconut in case you are wondering...

second one started in a coffee shop waiting for my friend...

more cafe knitting, every Thursday I have an hour to kill between work appointments...

I finished them on Saturday night and added some Rico sock stop latex glue to the soles. Why? because the last pair I gave to my brother for Christmas were bordering on dangerous on his wooden floors!I wouldn't rave about its application but it was OK. 

 These are going into my Christmas present box. I have been using this Kitchener Stitch tutorial to finish the toes of my socks. It is a really good tutorial and so easy to follow.

The next pair has been cast on but I am going to try something a bit different now that I have the hang of this pattern.Today I am linking in with Sum of their stories Handmade Monday

Knitting in different places is how I get a lot of knitting done in case you were wondering. Where do you knit? 
Jo x


  1. I bought a bottle of sock stop and have not used it yet. Does it leave visible marks? Pockets of time for sock knitting is the best way to do it. It is so portable. Must get on with a gift pair this week.

  2. Haven't used Sock Stop, but I have tried Puff Paint, and tool dip. They both worked, but neither looks fantastic. As long as they don't slip though.....

    The color is wonderful, I love the variations!

  3. I tend to crochet on the move I find it easier but knitting has been started here again as the Grandchildren keep making requests. This is one Granny that doesn't like to say no.

  4. I love this post. How cool to see the socks in progress in all those different places! I hope to get a smaller crochet project going soon, something to take with me on the go and work as I can. Those socks are really nice too, I love the colors in the yarn. Hope you're having a good week so far, Jo!

  5. Lovely. They look too nice to give away - I'd want to keep them for myself!!

  6. These man socks are super cool! What a good idea to show us where you have been knitting. I haven't been knitting in public forever. Must change this. Tomorrow. xx

  7. I love your handmade socks, these are lovely. I'm on a bit of a crochet craze at the moment and always have a small project in my bag to whip out whenever there is a quiet moment. It's our middle sons graduation this weekend and I'm wondering if I could get some done during the ceremony (or is that frowned upon?!)

  8. Yes! I nearly always have some little project with me to stitch on at odd moments...often a dishcloth :) Latex on the sock feet is something I would never have thought to try at home...a good idea! xx