Friday, 6 October 2017

Couple of Cocos

At this time of year I normally have some kind of Corduroy-fest. I make endless items with all the cord I have bought in sales throughout the year but this year on my 2107 stash diet, I have not got much cord left. Notice I didn't use the word 'any' I do have a donated piece of this blue leftover from my Tilly dungaree skirt ear marked for something later.

I do however have have quite a bit of jersey left which is cosy enough for Autumn. I will always have time to make a Coco top from Tilly and the Buttons because it has hip room. I found the coco dress wasn't for me but I love the long sleeved top.

I made this snazzy chevron version. I bought the fabric in a sale from Girl Charlee last year but it was too thin for what I wanted it for. I am glad it was half price, it was not the quality I was expecting. Neither were the other two pieces I bought with it, in fact one lot went in the bin. However it has made a super top to go with my dungaree skirt until Big Sis said, "you look like a minion!" I will never tire of this pattern or humorous comments from my children!

Next up, I made a purple one from this left over fabric which I bought in a sale bin two years ago when I was first experimenting with having an overlocker. It has all gone now. Big Sis originally had this dress in it.

For Autumn walks they are perfect, colour coordinating with our Autumn finds.

I feel, we have turned a corner with Bruce the dog. He is walking better with a harness on and not chewing quite as many of our personal possessions.

Are you sewing, knitting, making, baking or crocheting this Autumn? 
Jo xx


  1. Lovely photos. Purple really suits you. Love the Minnion outfit though.

  2. I like both of your new makes ...(minion pah) especially the pinafore dress. I'm currently crocheting an ipad cover for a colleague who keeps hers in her husbands sock! Love your fork bracelet.

    1. Very observant. It is one of my most precious things. My man made it for me when we were a'courting!

  3. I did smile at the minion comment...out of the mouth of babes!!! I actually really liked it and loved the purple a colour that really does suit you. Good the dog is settling down it does get better over time. I seem to be doing it all at the moment baking, sewing, crochet and yes even a knitting project.

  4. Minions lol kids eh.
    Love your purple top :) Our pup is not attacking so many of our possessions either but it may be because we're getting better at not leaving stuff out!

  5. Such great wardrobe staples. I love your Cleo too x

  6. I love both tops, and I definitely want to copy your minion outfit!!

  7. Love both of the tops, great colours. Glad Bruce is doing better our youngest dog is two now and will sill nab a shoe and run off with it if we don't put them in the cupboard! x

  8. Great pics as always.Love those tops,Minion indeed hee hee they sure say it like it is ( to them anyway ha ha ).Awww Bruce is adorable,he so reminds me of Ernie the Springer (same colours) one of the Dogs I look after he is 2 and a Bundle of energy.I am making so many blankets ( Crochet ) for babies,dog and mogs.Happy Sewing and other crafts.xx

  9. Really like these. you have done something different with the neckline? Made a neckband? looks good. Hadn't thought of using this pattern for t-shirts! Great idea.

  10. So lovely to see you sauntering into Fall with some lovely makes, Jo. :) xx