Thursday, 26 October 2017

A Sewn Egg Basket

I have made an egg basket but you could use it to store cotton reels, sewing notions, knitting bits and bobs or anything in really.

Here is a badly photographed tutorial that explains how to assemble a sewn egg basket from an idea seen on pinterest here. It is not my design but the destination site comes up as 'not secure' so I don't want to link in you folks as there was quite a bit of dodgy advertising on it.

Firstly, I printed out the pattern and then blew it up on a photocopier to get a bigger size on A3. I added extra for seam allowances and extra to the head piece for joining to the body.

Next sew wings, right sides together, leaving an opening for turning

Sew heads to the bodies using a 5mm seam allowance

Quilt wadding to the body linings. I did mine by eye but you can do any style you like.

Pin felt face pieces on the RIGHT Side of one of the outer pieces.

With right sides together sew an inner and an outer leaving the bottom open for turning. On reflection you could sew more of the bottom and just leave a space to turn it out.

Sew wading to the base with a cross. With right sides together sew two bases together and turn out through a gap. Hand sew up all turning gaps.

You now have the three components to hand sew together. First sew up the hens body along the front, over the head and leave the back bone open. Then sew up the tail. Use strong thread and a small slip stitch or bury small picking  stitches in the wadding. 

Finally hand sew in the base and add two button eyes.

Hooray! one happy hen. One for my present box which is coming along nicely. Thanks for dropping in. Jo xxx

disclaimer: this is NOT  my design I am merely adding an English translation to the images shown on pinterest which have instruction in Chinese. 


  1. I love it! Someone will be lucky to receive it, a good way to use up bits of fabric too. x

  2. This is super cute! I love it x

  3. Well Jo that is lovely. I had one similar to that years ago it was attached to a basket to hold the eggs. It lasted ages.

  4. How sweet! I have already googled non-dodgy alternatives :-)
    My present basket is stubbornly empty but I am finishing up a set of six table mats, made with leftovers from my crazy quilt. Have a lovely Friday xx

  5. This is adorable. I could really use one of them myself, I'm getting overrun with eggs right now! My three younger hens each lay every day. It's frittatas and omelets for everybody!

  6. This is just lovely! The fabrics you used are so pretty.

  7. I would love a couple of those for myself, for the craft room. I will add work has not really started on the outbuilding apart from making it secure and watertight.

  8. This is so cute. My mum would love one of these, she's been after an egg holder for a while. I might just give it a go

  9. Sooo clever! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, Jo. Happy Weekend to you and yours :) xxxx

  10. She's so darn cute,love the fabric.thanks for sharing this,a great idea.x

  11. She is adorable. Great pattern and great use of scrap fabric.