Friday, 29 September 2017

New one on me

Here's a new one, I have knit a cardigan that doesn't fit anybody or any body in our family!

The pattern was from ravelry here and I thought it would be a really useful knit. 

It is too small for me and two big for either of my girls. This now goes into the present box for Heidi's friend.

Well, there you are. What else can I say, it's a good 
job I love knitting. Jo xxx


  1. What a shame, I can see why you knitted it. It looks like a perfect basic that would go well with everything from jeans to a dress.

  2. Such a shame, at least it won't go to waste. It is a beautiful gift, I love the pattern.

  3. Whoops, still someone gets a good present.

  4. It's very pretty though, I love its simplicity. Lucky friend, I say!

  5. A lovely present all the same! I like the colour.

  6. You have been "sew" busy since I last caught up with your posts while I was in Nebraska in August, just as I suspected you would be, Jo. From socks to a hat you have created wonderful garments...pretty and practical! Thanks for taking the time to type about your creative process, including the decisions you make in carrying on to completion or frogging sweaters. I appreciate your mom's wise counsel. Even though the sweater in this post will not end up being used as you first imagined, I have no doubt that it will be well loved by the one who wears it. I first started blogging to meet up with likeminded folk who enjoyed crafting like I do because I was having trouble finding a creative group to meet with like I had met with weekly for seven years in northern California. Even though I am far behind you in practicing my creative skills you are a great encouragement to me as I admire and learn from your efforts. My oldest daughter helped me frog my first attempt in making a sweater, thus freeing me to tackle other projects. So sorry for the sad ending of the knit bunny, but how wonderful that you created a new creature for Little Miss. Bravo, Mum! Our various puppies were enthusiastic chewers. One devoured a rag rug my Nana had braided :( Another chewed a corner of a wall on our staircase which we were able to easily repair before we sold the house, thankfully :) Please tell Big Sis that I too admire the wonderful scarf she made to go with her fabulous bargain coat, and her modeling of the outfit as well. While with my ten year old great niece in California recently, she asked me to help her learn to crochet which was fun; and I am still hoping to work with my granddaughters more on crocheting as well...the oldest one turns ten in November :) I am so pleased that you are well and able to dance, Jo! I enjoyed your account of the festival. Your description of your public photo shoot caused me to chuckle out loud...good work, photographer, Big Sis :) Oh, and I loved your crocheted hem extension for your skirt, Jo...pretty and clever. The birthday banana recipe is one I mean to tell my family about. [Happy Birthday, Big Sis!] Yay for your family fence mending efforts to help keep the sheep safe...practical skill practice is so important, isn't it, as we each carry on and grow. Happy Weekend, to you and yours! xx