Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Circle Wave Infinity scarf

I am really breaking the back of some knitting projects that have been around for the last six months. I have finished my infinity scarf. Seven lots of a 56 row pattern repeat. I LOVE it and was made to go with my matching gloves.

It was quite curly even though I tried to keep my yarn changes loose. So I blocked it while it was damp.

I grafted the ends together, which is a new technique for me, making an invisible join - like the toe of socks really.

It still had the sinister look of a coiled up boa constrictor.

I decided to add two rows of double crochet to the edges and block again. This helped but I think it will always be a bit curly which is fine because it stops the inside being visible when it is twisted around my neck.

The two projects together have used up two balls of donated Beehive and two balls of Drops delight from my stash cupboard. Now for some fantastic photos which Big Sis took...

I have a little bag of scraps left over from these two projects so what do you think...a matching hat next?

Thanks for stopping by. Jo x


  1. WOW.Certainly a lot of work in this project but so worth it,it's really striking.I love your blog.x

  2. A wonderful project, a matching hat would be great. I actually love how it curls into itself, gives it character.

  3. These are really beautiful, Jo. I love the colors in that yarn and the way they create the shapes. I don't know how you do that, it seems like actual magic to me. You look very nice in the photos.

  4. I can tell you are going to make good use of both the scarf and the mittens. Big Sis may have a future as a fashion photographer. I think the edges rolling are quite good. Does hide the wrong side, as you say. I wouldn't fight it.

  5. These are amazing! I wish I could knit like you. The colours are gorgeous.

  6. You finished the scarf in perfect time for the autumn! It looks fabulous. And you do, too! Love colour knitting, must do some myself. If only I had any motivation. x

  7. Definitely a hat next. They look fabulous. The photographer is pretty nifty too.