Monday, 11 September 2017

Routines and Rainbows

Not a great deal being finished here but life is getting back into its usual routines. Weekends are always a bit of a mixed bag but always busy.

A little knitting - that I keep having to unpick...

Fixing fences - where the ram keeps getting out but under a double rainbow it didn't seem so bad...

Parenting - building confidence in new skills...

Baking for the week - the girls have a packed lunch every day...

Being dog owner is testing our patience - he has eaten my DM sandal, Big Sis's new pencil case along with its contents, a pair of her knickers and he has started gnawing at our church pew in the kitchen. That is a list of this weeks varied smorgasbord. 

Last week also saw me start knitting another pair of socks, binding a quick quilt, sewing a dress I doubt I will like and a lot of stranded knitting being unpicked row by row.

Feeling a bit Ho hum! Keep looking at the good stuff... 

Jo xxxx


  1. Lots going on - empathise with the dog eating everything - ours is now 15 months and calming down a bit so it does get better. She is very partial to headphones still, but has largely lost interest in my wool thank God!

  2. With Mickey it was woollen hats and gloves, it does get better. Such a beautiful sunset.

  3. Your little dog is so adorable that I would forgive him anything.

  4. Oh dear a very varied week. Try buying Bruce a Kong toy, they are virtually indestructible and you can get some that you can put treats or likeable pastes in. Been a slow week here for knitting but every row done is a step in the right direction. Love the concentration on those girls faces. Hope this week is better for you.

  5. Your dog is so cute! He'll settle down soon, I'm sure. Sorry about the lost items, though. Building a fire is a very important skill. Mine have been working on that over this past summer too. Beautiful rainbow(s), I think that makes everything okay. :)

  6. Hi loving your gorgeous doggie.he looks just like Ernie who I dog Walk/sit.I agree with jackie,the Kong Toys which you can fill with treats keep them amused for ages.Put stuff out of his reach as he doesn't know he doing wrong lol.Like kids he is just a baby he will settle down.Let us know how you get on.Huggles xx