Thursday, 21 September 2017

Underwear Drawer Pattern Hack

From a pom pom beret to knickers, that's goes:

One of my crafting New Years resolutions was to find a go-to knicker pattern. I had tried many ways to get the right fit but to no avail. Two years into my experiment and I felt something drastic might have to take place.

I had tried using a free pattern from So Zo as my starting point. It was OK but the cut was a little square for me. I messed around with the pattern for quite a long time. I probably made about 5 pairs in total. Some wearable, some I just made with old t-shirts for practise. I did learn that I liked fold over elastic around the legs and picot edged for the waist from this whole experience so I don't consider it a waste of time.

Next I decided to try cutting up an old pair. I liked this shape to use as a template. This had varying degrees of success. I made a good pair with lace at the front and jersey at the back but the lace did not wash well and the shape was still a bit wrong.

I succumbed to a bought pattern to resolve the issue. I chose KWIK SEW 2100 I made the blue pair from here based on my hip measurement and I could have held a party in them, they were way too big and then I lost confidence in the pattern sizing.

Finally I decided to do a pattern hack of the most drastic kind. I hacked the pattern and I hacked at a pair of knickers at the same time. I compared them to each other and thought I would just cut the paper pieces - the pattern was not any good to me in its current format. I ensured the pattern and the old knickers were closely matched. See how much I cut off piece 1? All of the words 'seam allowances' has gone from the leg arch in the end. I would never have done that to the pattern without the real garment to give me the guide to do so. It would have taken me four more failed pairs snicking a bit out of the leg arch each time.

Yay! I made knickers that were just right. I was careful to measure all my elastic and write it down so that I can repeat the pattern. I have an unusual array of colours, elastics and technique samples from making so many experiments.

My goal this year was to efficiently make five pairs of knickers at a time when I need them. I can do this now that all the planning and testing has been done. I am ready to cut my best fabric and elastic so I will keep you posted.

One New Years resolution very nearly ticked off my wish list.

Jo xxx


  1. Yeah for persistence and experimentation. Pretty knickers ahoy!

  2. Just love your persistence! I like your eclectic collection of knickers, one for every mood. My favourite is the green pair. have been thinking of making knickers, too but I think I'll leave it until next year. I am mastering the bra just now :-) xx

  3. They're adorable! I love how you persisted with them. I have such boring underwear, the kind you buy six to a pack - nothing cute here...I would do really well to learn how to make some for myself!

  4. Your persistence has paid off, well done. They look amazing, you are one talented lady.

  5. Bloomin heck that's a lot of knickers Jo.

  6. You are brilliant, did you know that, to be making your own pants is just FaBuLoUs 😀
    Have a lovely pant-filled weekend,