Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Tide Beret

Inevitably I made a hat to go with my mitts and scarf. It used up all, and I mean all, of the yarn.

In fact, I used up so much of the yarn that I have a'tide' ring around the back where I had to scratch around looking for a little bit more of the drops delight. I found some but it was only the green section but I still like the effect.

It is quite tricky to photograph the back of your head all by yourself I can tell you! With a fringe that needs a trim, it was difficult all round to get a good picture. 

The pattern is the Tide Beret from Knitting from the North by Hilary Grant, my current favourite knitting book. 

I made the pom pom to cover the centre where I ran out of Drops completely and had to finish the centre in Beehive 4ply. That wiped me out of yarn altogether.

It is just a really interesting thing. I loved making it and with the weather changing, I will enjoy wearing it with my other makes.

Thanks for dropping in. 
Jo xxxx


  1. It looks amazing Jo, another great make.

  2. Absolutely stunning Jo. Well done.

  3. this is so pretty lovin that yarn.Great pom pom.x