Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hooray! Blanket

Hooray indeed, this blanket is finished, fini, terminado, fertig. F I N I S H E D!!!! and OK it didn't fit my original brief as a Handmade tonal picnic blanket for a newly married couple to smooch on but ..... did use up all my green/blue/brown/grey/black stash and I learnt 14 new stitches from Crochetopedia by Julia Oparka. The book is great for the stitch section and learning to crochet but the projects are more for a beginner and are not too up to date, but it was only a fiver so well worth it to me. Anyway, Drum roll please!

1. Basketweave stitch
2. Sedge stitch
3. Crunch stitch
4. Puff in various patterns
5. Popcorns in various patterns
6. Leaf stitch
7. Cobble stitch
8. Slit stitch
9. Ripple stitch
10. Offset clusters
11. V stitch
12. Shell or fan stitch
13. Spike stitch using colours
14. Open chevrons


As I finished it with a picot border the girls asked, "Is that blanket for dad because it looks like it is for a man!" So he has been given the blanket and he said he will take it to the cabin to put over his knees when he is doing the crossword in the evening, drinking beer and watching the sun go down. Ahh! that's kind isn't it?

There is a sort of pattern to it. Can you see it? It is worked in diagonals (ish) It is a good way to make it look random without over thinking the situation. The busy mixed colour ones are in opposing corners. 7x7 49 squares, it is a good size too.

Nevertheless, it still begs the question, what am I going to give my lovely London couple for their wedding present in August?

Happy crafting and I hope the weather gets better. Jo x


  1. Oh Jo it's brilliant! First of all well done for making so many different squares and learning new stitches, and secondly for being a stash buster, I neeeeed to do this!

    Glad your fella likes it and it's very sweet that he'll take it to keep him warm :-)

  2. Well I have no idea what you will give your friends, but they have missed out here, because that blanket is lovely!! Well done you for keeping going because I know that you were a little disheartened midway through, but it was worth the effort because it looks great. Your hubby will love using it at the cabin I am sure, it will be treasured! Of course now you need to think of something else for your friends..... xx

  3. What a fantastic blanket, I love those colours. How nice that your other half is going to have it.

  4. It's amazing I love all the different textures
    Clare x

  5. You've turned out a gorgeous blanket with a difference here Jo and I'm sure your man is going to really enjoy it - well done for learning so many new stitches and using up stash in such a bright and happy way - I think it's great! Joy x

  6. Lovely blanket and I agree it looks like a man blanket. You could do a new one for your friends but then you'd have to spend ages going to the wool shop and browsing and feeling all the yarns and choosing colours but as a kind person this may be an onerous task you'd take on especially for them....:-))

  7. All I can say friend is perfect! It is gorgeous! Love that it will be at the cabin with you all! A happy weekend Jo! Nic xoxo

  8. Wow, that's sensational, love the colours you've chosen. Good idea to try different stitches, makes it more interesting.
    S xx

  9. That looks really warm and a great accessory for a cabin. I'm sounding a drum roll for you.

  10. Love the different stitches. Fab xx

  11. Congratulations! You have created a wonderful blanket, and nice to give it to hubby...and so many new crochet techniques learned! Chrissie x

  12. it's lovely, you've done a great job!!!

  13. It's really gorgeous, Jo! I think your husband will adore it.

  14. The blanket looks great!
    Marianne x

  15. 14 stitches well done, Jo! I love the idea your husband enjoying the blanket at your cabin :) xx

  16. Wow, all those different stitches! Well done, it's very striking. x