Thursday, 30 January 2014

Card Crazy

Welcome to anybody new tuning in toady. This month I have been sponsored by Minerva Crafts and I have made up a kit for card making to get you started if you have never tried it before. There is a lot of fun to be had with some vintage style paper, glue and scissors.

Here are some of the cards you can make from the kit.

Weaving ribbons and making ribbon flowers and bows.

Button embellishments on paper off cuts.

Flowers made from spirals of paper curled round and round.

Vintage paper used as a background to recycle some old artificial flowers. 

Paper folding techniques are great fun too. 
I found this one here.

You can also use the paper squares to make a wreath like this one I made for a friend for Christmas. There is a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. Go and take a peek, they are really easy to do with children too.

The kit includes sharp scissors, foam pads and tape. A pack of 50 cards, a pack of vintage paper, some ribbon and some little paper flowers. 

All you need to make your family and friends cards for the coming year.


  1. I really like the spiral flowers on the card and the wreath, I saw a lot of those around and about before Christmas, but I like the way that you have made yours for spring, it is very pretty! xx

  2. Ooh, you are clever at making cards! I used to make all my own, once upon a time, but I haven't done it for a while. I still make Christmas gift tags though :)

  3. Pretty cards for sure Jo! Love the wreath. I've made a few of those and they do come out so nice for being paper!
    xx Shari

  4. Very pretty papers, the wreath is lovely! Chrissie x

  5. Jo how talented you are, I love these and would love to have a go at making some. You always have something interesting for us to have a look at which is why I love your blog Jo. Big hugs to you

  6. Your cards are gorgeous friend! The pretty pink woven one caught my eye right away! And how seriously fantastic to be sponsored!!! This pack looks like a box of happy to me! And I see that you are on Etsy!!! YAY! I will be checking out your space here in a bit! Hope you are well this weekend friend! Beautiful work and that wreath is super cool! Nic xoxo

  7. These are fab! You inspired me with your cards to make some, they're not very exciting but they're little thank you notes for christmas presents and things. I know it's February, but better late than never ;-)

  8. Beautiful cards. I love to make my own with ink stamps and washi tape.

  9. Gorgeous cards, I actually made a giant cone wall hanging one year for Christmas, they look so effective. P.S you are coming up as a no reply blogger.