Monday, 20 January 2014

Preparing to sew

Today I have been preparing to sew a new piece of clothing for myself, a coat no less. I cut out the paper pieces in .. you guessed it April 2013 so yesterday as the sun shone thorough the window and made our very cold house feel cosy, I cut out the fabric.

It is a purple velvet, really good quality mole-like-velvet.. My dad gave it me last Friday. 8 metres of it!! He was going to throw it away and asked if I wanted last call on it. He told the story of how his crazy ex girlfriend had really wanted to buy it in France and they were on a motorbike tour so he had to strap it onto the bike and carry it all the way home. Anyway...

It's mine now. Today I bought matching thread and self-covering buttons. I haven't used this type of button for 20 years - I used to put them on the back of evening dresses when I attended lots of black tie events (when I was young, free and mostly tipsy)

Just sumptuously lovely buttons aren't they? I had an idea to machine embroider a pattern on the collar with my flower making foot but thought better of it, but it was good fun to play.

Instead I bought some trim today which I might edge the collar and cuffs with but the jury is still out on that one.

So nothing is sewn as of yet, just two days preparing to sew. I am trying to enjoy the process and not think about when it will be finished and that feels good.

I have some fab craft presents to share with you that I had for my birthday and I have our big family news for 2014 to tell you too but that will have to wait. 
(btw it's not a baby for anyone who knows me!)

Jo xxxxxx


  1. I used self-covering buttons many years ago as well. I agree they make a garment extra special.

  2. Eight whole metres of delicious fabric - it was your lucky day I think! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make.

  3. I hope that your coat will be lovely, you certainly have some lovely fabric to use! I expect that you will enjoy making an wearing it a lot. Looking forward to hearing your news - I am intrigued now! xx

  4. Wow making a coast sound very technical to this newbie stitcher, the fabric is gorgeous I look forward to seeing it made, love those buttons
    Clare x

  5. Purple velvet oooohhhh I can just imagine how soft and great it is going to look and wear.

  6. Jo I adore the colour and the fabric, cannot wait to see it all finished and hear your big news too - how exciting. Thank you for your lovely comments by the way. Big hugs to you

  7. Oh!!! You can't leave us hanging!!! HA! That fabric is rich and beautiful and it is going to make the most stunning coat Jo! I can't wait to see it all come together! And I am so glad that you landed this fabric and not your dad's girlfriend! You deserve it!!! A very happy week you! Nicole xoxo

  8. I love the adventurous history of your fabric, and that it has sparked a creative venture for you, Jo :) And I enjoyed the post about your pretty, finished, Elsie shawl as well. Happy stitching! xx

  9. How fun to make a coat and one with such a great story behind... I love the buttons... Enjoy the process...can't wait to see it when it's done:)

  10. What marvellous material, I adore the colour. How lucky that your Pa saved and passed on the material to you.
    I can't wait to see the finished article.
    Hugs x

  11. I can not imagine have the talent needed to sew a coat. It is going to be gorgeous, I love the fabric, and your covered buttons. I can not wait to see it all done.

    Hugs and good luck,

  12. Oh Jo this will be some project! I'm sure you'll do a grand job and everything though :-) Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. I am way way off coat making myself, will it be lined and all?

    1. Ideally I wanted it to be but the pattern isn't so I will have to make it without and during the process work out how to add linings nest time (next time? listen to me...)