Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy Shopping

My 'Bag for Life' finally bought it last week. The corners came right through and it is only a matter time before coins then apples start falling through.

So I made a shopper based on the one that had served me so well. I used the rest of my really thick upholstery fabric from my office furnishings here.

It did turn out a little bit bigger because I did big seam allowances but that is all good.

I started to think how I could recreate the padded handles on the old bag and then thought ... hang on.. I am throwing this old one away in half an hour so I stitch ripped them off and used them again as they were fine.

To finish the bag edges I had a go with my new bias binding maker which bloke bought me for Christmas - I know, isn't he brilliant? I must remember to keep my amazon wish list up to date next year!

It made quick and easy bias binding by threading a strip of fabric through the wide end, sliding the tool along the ironing board and ironing what comes out of the other end. So Simple and effective.

I sort of want to put binding on everything now! I did not post much last week because I have been working away on the scary blanket and the beautiful shawl so more to show you soon. It is Mummy Monday where I don't have work or any taxing chores so Little M and I are off to a playbarn with a friend to play, laugh and relax. 
Happy Monday.Jo x


  1. Do the supermarkets not replace their bags for life when they wear out? I know they do the thick plastic bags as I've had a couple replaced but I haven't had a jute one replaced yet. That said, I much prefer your new one.

    The bias binding maker made me laugh. I only learned to machine sew at the tail end of last year and didn't know that bias binding was material cut on the bias, or that it could be made - I thought it was some kind of manufactured product!

  2. Very pretty ... much more cheerful than the plain jute one ... Bee xx

  3. Very stylish upcycling! My grandma passed down her bias binding makers, I hope to use them soon, I'm keen to do more sewing this year...Chrissie x

  4. My Hubby wouldn't even be able to remember the name amazon let alone know where to look for my wish list!! (He's not a big fan of computers. A rod, reel and a pair of wellies and he's a happy bunny)
    Rosie xx

  5. Great job on your new bag, and especially on the reuse of the handles! Not only have you reduced your bag use with your old one, you have reduced things even more by recycling the handles!! That has to be a winner Jo!! Your new bag is much prettier than your old one too! Hope you have a nice Mummy Day. xx

  6. What a fab new bag. I have about 20 Bags for Life. I love them and am such a sucker when a new one appears. I have my most favourite ones from the Supermarket chain Pingo Doce in Portugal. I always take a new English bag when I go on holiday and leave it behind for the lady who cleans the apartment.
    But, seeing what you have done I am now tempted to "have a go" a making my own. I picked up a bolt of cotton, furnishing weight, at Oxfam for a song and have been thinking about ways of using it. Never let a bargain pass you by ;0)

    1. TIP: Turn the top hem over before you sew the side seams. I sewed it with seams on the outside, ready for the bias binding then realised I couldn't turn the top down to hem it! so the seams fold in a bit oops. Also when you sew down each seam leave the last 1cm unsewn, that way you get a box shape on the corners to turn your work. Good Luck!

  7. Very nice! I love to use the semi-disposable cloth bags for my groceries. I have a few that are going over the hill soon, so I may try making some replacements. I have never tried a bias-tape maker, I've just made it the old-fashioned way, which isn't all that hard but could be a lot easier than it is!

  8. WOW - that is so great, love the bias edges!!!

  9. Great bag and a fab idea to upcycle the handles, happy shopping
    Clare x

  10. Jo, I love it, bright, cheery and functional.

  11. Jo what a fabulous bag and I do love your binding - it is fabulous. Making binding is something which terrifies me for some reason but you have made it look so easy. What a wonderful job you have done and you will have lots of fun shopping with this cheery shopper. A lovely post as always Jo, thanks so much
    Big hugs

  12. Love that mini from your last post Jo! And boy I could use a bag like this! Seriously! I have coins rolling about all the time! It is fantastic in both the color and design! As a mama a good bag is key and I can tell that yours will handle the job!!! Enjoy your day with your sweetie and a very happy week to you lady! Nic xoxo

  13. Clever, Jo! I appreciated your description of some of the process of how to do what you did :) Celebrating with you that your husband gave you such a thoughtful gift, and that you had a special Mummy-Daughter Day today! xx

  14. That's a great looking bag! Looks really tough too, good to last for years and years :)

  15. You're welcome Joe, thanks for checking out mine :)

  16. Hey, great bag Jo, you did very well indeed, and how lucky are you to have a hubby who goes off and buys you such useful things - do keep that list up to date and in an obvious place, you never know what might happen as the year progresses! Hugs, Joy xo

  17. I am terrified of bias binding (along with zips) and don't really get it at all. But I wish I did as what you've done with that bag is brilliant! And great idea to re-use the handles. x