Saturday, 4 January 2014

A little light crafting...

A huge heartfelt thank you to all who left comments on my post about extreme wedding crafting. They really cheered me up. My dad said I should start a company called 'Shotgun weddings R US!'

I am in a bit of a shredded heap craft-wise but today I made a few cards to keep my creative mojo going. 

Then starting next week I am going to get back onto my CAL picnic blanket which has hibernated over the Christmas period. Who is thinking of picnics in the UK in December anyway?! 

What crochet projects have you folks got planned for 2104? 

Cosy Times Jo xx


  1. they are lovely! I'm planning blankets, socks and a seconddeer head (just posted about my first!).

  2. Hello Lovely Jo, my inspiration lady - you always keep me going with my projects and ideas. I am making a hot water bottle cover but it is slow going after being dragged down by the old tonsillitis bug so feeling very sorry for myself but onwards and upwards as they say. Have a lovely Sunday Jo, all my love as always

  3. Aww the toadstool card is sooooo cute, I thinking 2014 will see me attempting my first blanket eek
    Clare xx

  4. Lovely, beautifully done. I'm planning a scarf I think, but I'm trying to make myself finish a rather tedious cushion first!

  5. Love the little toadstool card. I have a backlog of creative ideas but am just going to take it one project at a time as the mood takes me.

  6. Such sweet cards miss Jo! Ha!! Your dad is right!!! You need to open up a shop in general with all of your lovely creations! Happy weekend lady!!!! Nic xo

  7. Your Dad is clearly a hilarious man - shotgun weddings R us indeed!! I don't expect that your nerves could handle that again. Great cards and a lovely way to start off your making year ahead. xx

  8. Tee Hee - I like your newly coined term: extreme wedding crafting!
    Planning to make another couple of crocheted headbands to fill requests from various friends after the success of the first attempt, and continuing to work on my lacy shawl, but that's a long term project methinks.
    And it's good to think about picnics, it reminds us that this (weather) too shall pass...
    Happy Sunday

  9. I've just been catching up on all your news and my god your last post flawed me! I can't believe how much you got done and it such a short space of time :o Good work!

    This year I need to finish (and blog about) a baby blanket for my friend who's due in March. I need to get knitting fast!! I've still got my pink granny squares to make a blanket with as well but no rush on this - I want to enjoy it not give myself RSI again ;-)

    I also started knitting an owl, problem is I reset my row counter... Other than that I can't think of much else which is a relief, but I'm sure I'll pull out my wool bag and find lots of unfinished things...

    Happy New Year! x

  10. Love the toadstool! look forward to seeing how your picnic blanket is coming along. Happy new year x

  11. Shotgun Weddings R Us...hahaha. You seriously did a great job. I love these cards, they're different and both beautiful.

  12. Your productivity always amazes me, Jo. Your cards turned out great! I just made a thank you note with washi tape, colored pencils and ink on a card. I was pleased with how it came out and wish that I had taken a photo of it before I sent it off. I have socks, a cap, and blanket to finish knitting and a shawl to finish crocheting, but lately have been practicing Continental style knitting on the garter stitch blanket I started ages ago :) xx