Thursday, 27 February 2014

Spring Swap Friends List

Thanks to all you fun loving followers who have put your name down to join in the Spring brooch swap. Look out for your name listed below and if it is not there, I am a noggin and you need to tell me so I can sort it out!

I did the old fashioned paper in a hat thing and this is what it turned out....

Emma Elliott and Ellie Foster
Swallow barn and Dorothy Griffiths
Penny and Hannapat
Chrissie and Gilly
Deb Hickman and Ladybird Diaries
Clicky needles and Amy 
Mamasmercantile and Not enough time to craft
Jessies Needles and Plain Jane
Rachel Jaques and Robbie Parker
Linen Cloud and Pretty Little things in a box

Get thinking, making and creating with your talented minds and hands and don't forget to get in touch with each other to swap addresses. We will aim to post around the 14th March or sooner if it suits you.

I had an odd number (Duh!I didn't think about that) but I will make two and send one to both Bee at The Linen cloud and one to Angela at Pretty Little things in a box and they can send me one each - is that fair or am I just bagging two??? I don't know how else to do that one.

Happy swapping! Jo x


  1. Looking forward to it. Going to pop over to Not enough time to craft and introduce myself. Have a nice day.

  2. A noggin you are not! Thanks for organising this Jo - my little brain is a buzzing! Jane x

  3. Hooray! This is going to be fun! Cx

  4. Jo! I have missed seeing your posts since Valentine's Day :( But today your blog appeared on my blog roll and I got to catch up on what you have been making. We have a product called Oxi-Clean here in the States that might banish the wine stain on the beautiful quilt you made if the stain is not out yet. The brooches you made are so clever and how good of you to set up a swap ! I got to use colored pencils and watercolor pencils this past weekend and had great fun learning about how to use both....more practice needed :) Wishing you and yours happy days! xx

  5. You know I would be in if I were better at the machine or yarn...which hopefully won't be too long as I am taking some classes! Looks like a blast Jo! And your blooms are beautiful! What I would do to see something growing in the garden right about now! Have a great weekend lady! Nicole xoxo

  6. Thank you Jo, looking forward to this as I wear a brooch every single day. Love your flowers Jo, gorgeous.
    Lots of love

  7. Thanks so much for organising Jo x I am very happy to be swapping with Hannapat xxx

  8. Thanks so much for organising the swap Jo ... do I make one for Angela as well as you ... just wondering ... noggin head here too ;) ... Bee xx

    1. Just me Bee, I will make two and get two and you will really just be swapping with me. Jo x

  9. I must have missed this post Jo, silly me. Great, I am looking forward to swapping with Deb. Thank you for organising.
    Marianne x