Thursday, 13 February 2014

hooray! a shirt skirt

I did some ironing yesterday and noticed one of bloke's shirts had a hole right in the middle of the back. I could not repair it so I did what only I would do and cut into pieces to recycle into new things...

Little M was playing along side me and asked if she could make a lipstick case so we cut off the cuffs and she had a little go on the machine with me, she loves that. She was so proud, she made her sister one with the other cuff...

She was waiting patiently to show her dad when he got in from work. "Look dad, I made a lipstick case." she enthused. "Is that my pink shirt?" he enquired. "It had a hole in the back," I said. "I know," he said, "but I always wear it with a jumper on top!!!" 

Oh wowsers - I cut up his shirt!

but we gained a new shirt skirt for Little M - We love making those.

More squares for the girl's quilts. I nearly cried when I cut up those strawberry boden trousers which had been handed down through 4 girls to us, the oldest girl being 14 now. The other ditsy print is a pair of my pyjamas that had seen better days. (can you see, I cut up another shirt there but that one had been donated by bloke for the scraps pile)

In reality, there was nothing more than the collar left.

We showed him what else we had made from it and we all laughed about it like characters from a 1950's American sitcom, but I did feel a bit bad deep down. Ooops-a-daisy:@

Jo xxxx


  1. Oh dear, poor Bloke! But well done you and top marks for upcycling/recycling/creativity :-) And to Little Miss too - she did really well with those lipstick holders. Hope the weather's not too awful up your way,
    have a lovely weekend,

  2. That really made me smile, it brought back memories of crafting with my own daughters when they were small. Totally agree with gilly top marks for upcycling/recycling/creativity.

  3. Oh well, he will just have to buy himself a new shirt!! I am sure that it will be far better used for it's new purposes than as a shirt with a hole in it under a jumper!! The skirt for your little one is very pretty and I love the way that you have used the buttons for the detail along the front. xx

  4. Well done!! I have one stowed away that I have kept for a similar purpose, I just need to get around to it. Love that you both sew together xxx

  5. Shirt material can be very strong and it is a shame to waste it. I often rescue shirts even if just for their buttons. The cuffs would alsl make great mobile phone cases.

  6. Way to go! My husband has several shirts that have wholes in know..the ones he always wears that I can't stand any gave me a great idea!!
    xx Shari

  7. Hey, you were just trying to save money on the children's clothing. Anyone would applaud you for that! :) I think it came out really cute, nice work!

  8. I just love that shirt skit, it's brilliant. About two years ago, my husband cleared out his wardrobe and threw out a lot of old shirts. I cut them up and used most of them in a patchwork quilt, scattered among florals. It's amazing what you can do with an old shirt! x

  9. How clever, and perhaps a way for him to do his own ironing!! Most of my fabric stash is worn out clothing.
    S xx

  10. In spite of the "oops" part of the story, you have once more inspired me Jo, and Little M did a wonderful job making the lipstick cases as well. Thanks for posting :) xx

  11. hahaha! That's brilliant, "You cut up my shirt?!" Whoooops :D I hope he was as good natured about it as it sounds ;-)