Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Wardrobe Re-hash

I have no clothes to wear? Isn't that what every woman says? I have lots of summer things, I make cotton skirts and little tops and pretty dresses but I am actually cold. I am trying my hardest to finish my collage jumper and I really need to focus on that in the next few weeks and stop making whimsy things that take my fancy that do not keep me warm.

Project number 1.

Over the weekend I fell back on this old trick.

I found a DYLON machine dye in purple that I bought moons ago and started to think... (references for UK shoppers coming up) My Monsoon jeans were looking decidedly washed out after two years of almost constant wear. So they went on the pile along with a Boden white cotton blouse that was now the shade of chewing gum after wearing it for, I am not exaggerating, 5 years. Lastly I found a Joules top from Big Sis that had faded but we didn't buy it in the first place, it was a hand me down, but I felt I could give it a new lease of life. Results...

 Richer shade of jeans, a purple blouse now with stitch detailing and a great sweatshirt. I will change the buttons on the blouse, I think I can afford those! A really successful afternoon.

  If you are a quilter or patch worker, this technique works well if you have lots of fabrics in too many un-harmonious shades. Stuff the whole lot in with the dye and you will get 'shades of' fabric in varying hues depending on if it is cotton, poly-cotton, patterned, already coloured etc. I did it at University for a textiles project and it was great.
Project number two.
I have wanted a short denim skirt for ages now, I mean years. When I saw them I had no money and when I had some money I couldn't find one. So on Sunday in a mad half an hour I shortened and took in an M&S skirt that was too big for me and added some stitch detailing with different coloured threads. Why didn't I do this ages ago?

So for an afternoons pottering I have gained a shirt, some jeans and a skirt. Right, where is the that jumper, I need to finish it.
Do you have any good revamping tips?
I saw a great button skirt on Nicole and the Bee.


  1. Oh WOW Jo, you take my breath away! Such gorgeous colour changes to those items of clothing - total new lease of life for them, and your denim skirt is terrific. That is a great tip you gave too, thank you! Of course, I LOVE purple! I'm convinced your middle name should be 'innovative'! Love, Joy xo

  2. You are such a clever thing Jo! The tops turned out really well didn't they, I bet that you are pleased. Love the stitching around the bottom of your revamped skirt, it looks very designer! Hope that you are keeping warmer now. Looking forward to seeing your finished jumper. xx

  3. LOVE the decorative stitching on your "new" denim skirt - simply fab, and well done on the dyeing stuff too, they all look great and a lovely warm colour for winter. I've always wanted to try machine dyeing but frightened that the next load after will come out sploshed in shades of leftover dye! Do you run your machine on a looong boil wash afterwards, or will a quick rinse do the trick?
    Happy Tuesday,

  4. Some sweet alterations. Amazing what you can achieve simply by thinking out of the box. xo

  5. nice work. that denim skirt is great! it's making me feel guilty about a cord skirt i picked up in a charity shop to alter which is still hanging untouched in my wardrobe! must get onto that!

  6. Fantastic Jo, especially the denim skirt.
    Marianne x

  7. Aren't you just amazing! I love your projects.

  8. That is pure genius, all of it! Cx

  9. You are so clever friend!!! Seriously! I love that skirt! I am in love with jean skirts and that stitching is perfect in those colors! Oh and those boots rock! Great work on recreating some of your pieces for your wardrobe! And as for me...we know that I am not handy as of yet with the sewing machine but I did buy new buttons for my coat to give it a new look and to freshen it up a bit. You take care friend! So adorable!!! Nicole xoxo

  10. Jo you are so inventive and clever, I love the skirt and adore the colour of the blouse, it is something I would wear and I am sure you will look stunning in it. A lovely post as always Jo
    Big hugs hope you are feeling warmer

  11. What a great idea. I shall have to try that. Thank you for the tip.