Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dog Hat

On my craft stall last week someone said "Can you make me a dog hat?" My mind whirred, I wasn't sure what to say, I was thinking of ear sizes and how different dogs have different sized heads etc. so I tried to clarify the request by saying "What sort of dog?" I am now in inner turmoil, I am thinking maybe Ravelry will help me out in some way and then she said...

"Any dog, my niece loves dogs and she would love a dog hat!"

PHEWWWWW! I am glad I did not show myself up as a complete crochet nutter and gladly took the order for a dog hat for a 7 year old. Here it is, on Little M just for show...

It is a re-hash of my Amelia hat pattern (on the right) With a deeper brim, eyes with button centres and improvised ears, decreasing and increasing as I saw fit for a dog ear. A dog hat, honestly what was I thinking!

Jo x


  1. That's a fab hat, and well done you for figuring it out! I'm going to share the Amelia hat pattern with one of my workshop students, it's just what she's looking for! :) cx

    1. Great, I hope it works out for them. I did a workshop for it on Monday night and 4 people made varying sized hats. Jo x

  2. What a great hat, I am sure that the person who commissioned it will love it, the ears are great! xx

  3. A fab hat! Well done for figuring it out! Loving the little poser too, very sweet! xoxo

  4. The hat looks great...and your little model is very cute too!
    Marianne x

  5. Lovely hat and what a sweet model too lol

  6. The best dog hat I have seen friend!!! Seriously!!! The ears and the colors are perfect!!! And you just whipped this up in a week!?! Amazing!!! You need to open up a shop!!!!

  7. Hi Jo saw this today when I had a quick peep at your blog - loved the hat it is so cute and you are so clever Jo. Made my day, thank you so much. Big hugs, keep warm

  8. Aw such a cute hat and little model - little M really does look so much like you Jo! You did so well in working out the pattern; great work well done! Hugs, Joy xo

  9. How adorable is this!!! I think you need to make another for this precious little one. She looks sooo cute in your doggy hat. What a great job you did with this!!! xo