Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hooray! The Mathilde Blouse

I have been working hard this week on the Mathilde blouse from Tilly and the Buttons. It is my last piece of Liberty cotton lawn called 'Florence' (OK so there might be some patchwork bits left!) The instructions were great and it was my first time tackling pleats.

I am really struggling to take photographs at the moment even though it is a sunny day today, so one with the flash and one without.

You print out 25 sheets, tape them together and cut them out.

I made some modifications - I had to - the sleeves were really billowy and with pleats across the bust, I looked all bosom and blouse!

I would love to wear it to show you but I need to take the facing off the front neck and cut away some of the neckline because it is garrotting me. I think when it is totally finished I will give it another post, I have really enjoyed making it.
Ps. Thanks to Gilly for hosting a marvellous blog meet on Saturday. I had a great time meeting Sarah, Sarah, Mel, Deb and of course Gilly. Lunch was delicious and the chat was light hearted and fun.
Hope you are all wearing your poppies. Jo x


  1. The blouse is gorgeous, good luck with the neck alteration.

  2. Oh that is a classic beauty. I love the fabric too x

  3. It looks beautiful and I love the fabric.

  4. Jo this is so gorgeous - I bought the pattern ages ago but haven't got the confidence to make it - seeing yours makes me so want to. Can't wait to see you in it. Fabulous post as always Jo - thanks - can you send me your surname please, can't find it. Big hugs

  5. It looks great Jo, looking forward to seeing you wearing it when you have sorted out the garrotting problem - don't you hate it when your clothes try and choke you! Love the fabric. xx

  6. wow that is fantastic Jo - I would love to make this!

  7. The pleats in the blouse are fantastic! And the material is beautiful! I would love to see another post on this piece! And how cool that you all had a blog meet! That is just the best!!! A very wonderful week to you!

  8. That fabric is so beautiful! Oh I bet you'll feel so pretty wearing it! Chrissie x

  9. This is so gorgeous, I would like to make one of these one day, when my sewing skills have improved. Yours is just lovely and the fabric is perfect.
    Marianne x

  10. Oh-so-pretty! Love the fabric you've picked for it. And thanks to you for your excellent company yesterday, it was lovely to meet you.
    Have a happy week

  11. Such a pretty blouse in gorgeous fabric - you've done a great job with it Jo! My you had a lot of work getting the pattern ready etc. but no challenge is too big for you. I'm looking forward to seeing you wearing it.
    So lovely that you could be part of the get-together again - I saw the happy pics that Deb posted and wished I could have been there too; that would be a long trot wouldn't it!!! Have a great week lovely, hugs, Joy xo

  12. I love your blouse it's beautiful - I had booked a sewing course and was really looking forward to improving my sewing but alas the course was cancelled due to lack of interest I was gutted x

  13. It's beautiful, I love the fabric. It was lovely to meet you, hopefully we will all meet again at some point. Deb x

  14. Well done and very very pretty...I made the same and in liberty tana lawn too....I love too how you use your pinking shears to cut out the pattern...very clever as stops the fraying I guess??
    bestest as ever daisy x

    1. Always use 'em, then if I am feeling professional, I finish the edges by turning them over or if I have had to let something out I just leave the zig zag edge to stop it fraying. Don't know how I survived without them.

  15. Jo, that's beautiful! Oh, Liberty, how you dazzle me. I wish I knew how to modify sewing patterns, that seems like such a mysterious trick to me. Nice job! :)