Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Little decorations

At craft club last week we made little wreath decorations out of curtain rings. You double crochet over the ring, add a chain stitch bow and make a little chain stitch flower (on the right hand bar) using only 4 chains for each petal on a 3m hook. Add a button. Finished.

Can't crochet? wrap the yarn around the ring and then glue on buttons, ribbon, bows, sequins, beads, tiny bells - whatever you can lay your hands on in the house. Take a look on my pintrest board named 'classes' for other quick craft ideas.

Happy crafting
Jo x


  1. Very sweet, and something I could make with the children, too! Chrissie x

  2. Very innovative once again Jo, with lovely cute results - oh my, Christmas is certainly just around the corner! Love, Joy x

  3. So pretty Jo, I bet that everyone at your craft club had fun making these. xx

  4. What a lovely idea, thanks for sharing, I'll definitely make some :) xx

  5. This is brilliant. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Marion x

  6. Oh, how frustrating - saw a bag of curtain rings in the charity shop earlier today. Thought about buying and didn't, wish I had now as these are so lovely. XX

  7. How adorable this precious little wreath is, Jo, and so is your Rudolf below. Just too cute! xo

  8. That is so so sweet Jo, love it, the colours are just fab. Shows what can be done with a packet of curtain rings, fantastic.
    Lots of love

  9. Hi Jo,
    I've been trying and trying to send an email to the address that you've given me but they are returned every time. could you please send it to me again in case there was just a typo.
    Rosie xx
    PS I totally like your curtain ring. Great recycling idea.

  10. Jo!!!! I will be pinning this when I am not on my phone!!! It is absolutely adorable....brilliant as well!! Thanks for sharing friend!! Gonna give it a go with the beans!!!