Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday crafting

Firstly, thank you for all of your supportive comments this week, I know I have posted lots of times and it is really kind of you all to take time out to comment.

Talking of last week, I did well at the craft fair last Saturday and I have another one tonight and my table will be looking pretty light so I have been busy re-stocking the most popular things, things that are already half made, or things I can make quickly without further supplies.

From this...

To these... I sold 13 of these last week.
I had four blank tote bags upstairs I had bought for one pound and lots of owls still cut out from my Aunts Die-cutting machine...

I started with this one but it was hard to move a ready made bag under the free motion stitching foot. I needed something flat...

So I put each owl on a piece of recycled denim and made a pocket for each bag.

Zig zag and frayed the edge.

Also finished off two hot water bottle covers from felted jumpers and made two more mouse doorstops that were already cut out.

So lots made, now I just have to sell it all. I don't mind if I don't though, it will fill my Christmas box up nicely. I am deliriously happy today with the light, I haven't taken decent photos for ages. Jo x


  1. Good luck with your fair, you have lots of lovely goodies, your mouse door stop is lovely :) xx

  2. You've made some lovely things this week Jo. Those owl totes are adorable! I am a huge fan of denim recycling so I love your solution to the problem of stitching the owls onto the bags :) x

  3. What very original craft items. I especially think the zip flowers are very clever. I love to see things being recycled.

  4. Jo you are an inspiration - those zip flowers are quite genius! Great to know your craft fair went well - good luck tonight x Jane

  5. Oh they are all gorgeous - especially like the zip flowers. Been struggling to come up with something for our work secret santa - you've inspired me. Thank you so much. Jude.x

  6. Very lovely handmade gifts - those zipper brooches are genius! And what clever owl bags, you are very inspirational! :) Chrissie x

  7. Jo wish I could come to your fair and buy the lot! Seriously would you do a tutorial for the zip brooch as I would love to make one for Christmas for my granddaughters. Good luck with the fair, big hugs

  8. You're doing so well Jo and I'm convinced your imagination runs on overtime full-time, haha! Lovely to see more of your zip brooches and to learn how you overcame the problem with lack of 'movability' on the machine concerning the gorgeous owls. Great job all round - and I do congratulate you on how well your stitch samples are progressing (on previous post). Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Joy xo

  9. These are gorgeous craft items and i'm not surprised these have sold well. I love the tote bag solution - easier for you and an extra storage pocket for your buyer - brilliant!

  10. Glad the market went well, and as the proud wearer of one if your lovely zippy brooches, I'm not surprised they flew off your stall. Love the owl bags too.
    Happy weekend, xx

  11. Look at all the wonderful things you have created, you are so talented.

  12. Your projects are gorgeous Jo! I love those bags and those flowers are adorable! I was wondering how you did at the fair and I am so happy to hear that it went well! Good luck tonight!!! And have an outstanding weekend friend!!! And your photos of your creations are stunning!!!

  13. Woweee! I can't believe how much you've made. I'd be lucky if I managed to make all the in six months!! I love those owl bags. They are seriously cute.

  14. I think that the bags with the pockets are EVEN better than the one without (which is still lovely!). It adds to the bag in so many ways. Hope that the sale went really well. xx