Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hooray! Party top

Big sis has wanted this top from Ottobre magazine for some time. It is from the winter 2011 edition.


It is made from viscose jersey and puts me in mind of a drunk friend I once walked home with on a skiing holiday in Austria in 2001, how so? It was floppy and fluid and unpredictable. You did not know which way it was going to slide next. Ultimately she was my friend so I stuck with it - same with the fabric. Big Sis really wanted it and chose it from a picture online so I had to persevere.

It has a drape and it falls so well when she spins around (so did my friend, enough now!) and she really liked to spin like the girl in the picture. When you choose online ( you don't get to feel the fabric and they didn't describe it as my friend Rachel so I had no idea what to expect.

Yes, that is the frying pan I burnt this morning!

It was a very simple pattern made from two batwing-esque pieces for the front and back, two cuffs and some ruffles around the neck.

I don't have an overlocker machine but one would have improved my finishing but tipped me over the edge plug wise in the spare room. So I am happy with it.

I know it is cold sweetie, hang on, nearly finished...

It is too long in the arms with the deep cuffs but as they are double fabric they turn back well. This is a garment with longevity. She can wear it as a tunic with the cuffs turned back and then as a top with the cuffs rolled down as she grows.

You can go in now, the cheque will be in your money box!
All in all we are both really pleased and we are just waiting for a party invite where a star tunic is essential kit. Although Little M is green with envy...

Jo x


  1. What a beautiful top to kick off the Christmas party season! Sounds like you'll have to start another one soon, though... ;-) Chrissie x

  2. I think it looks really great. Another one soon I guess ,

  3. She looks so cute and adorable in this Jo, well done, another fabulous make. I love all the things you do - always love reading your blog. Have a fabulous Sunday, lots of love

  4. Big sis is just simply gorgeous, and so is her sparkly outfit - well done! I hope your friend is still sparkly too despite her now well-documented Austrian sojourn of 2011! ;-)
    Happy Sunday,

  5. This is just lovely, a perfect party top.
    Marianne x

  6. its fantastic - perfect for a party!

  7. Great for a party - or just spinning in the garden! You did a great job - and so did your model!! xx

  8. Ha! I just love this top! And I can tell she does too!!!! What a doll Jo!!! And how funny was your comparison of the fabric to your drunk friend! Gave me a smile tonight! Beautiful work! My Josie would LOVE it as well! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!! Nicole xoxo