Friday, 29 November 2013

Felting decorations

I have the great pleasure of being sponsored by Minerva crafts this month. I have made up a needle felting kit which you can buy from them and I have been having a little play felting up some Christmas decorations.

A good way to get a simple shape is to use a biscuit cutter as a guide. You can get the main shape going and then trim it up at the end. Place the cutter on the felting brush and stab away...

Next, turn it over onto the other side, which will be all fuzzy, then stab away at that for a minute. Keep going until all the fibres are matted together.

Make two so that you can sew them together and stuff them lightly for a 3D decoration. Trim them up to get a clean edge.

Sew the two hearts together with blanket stitch and add a little stuffing. Embellish the heart as you like with beads, jewels, buttons, more stitching or with a different colour felt roving as I have below. I added a ready made felt ball from the kit which hides the hanging loop join.
The Minerva kit includes:


Once you have mastered the simple technique you can start to go off piste a bit and make your own shapes. What about this festive little fellow?

Felting is also great for 3D creative work. I have seen some great stuff around, toadstools from Nicole and the Bee and awesome animals from sew recycled.

I had a go at a little Christmas pudding...So quick and easy.

Hope you have enjoyed my little makes. I have really enjoyed getting to grips with a new craft thanks to Minerva Crafts.
Jo xxxxxxxxx


  1. You are so very crafty clever Jo - I like the little christmas pudding, it is so cute!! xx

  2. wow - these are lovely! i can't believe that was your first try at it! is it something you think kids could manage? i have a 5 year old who is very crafty - do you think she could manage it with supervision with the needly bit?

    1. The needle felting tool is OK for youngsters because the guard locks down but I made the pud with a single barbed needle and that was a bit more scary - even for me!

  3. These are amazing Jo, well done. You must feel so chuffed for being sponsored to do these gorgeous kits. I love your festive little fellow, he is super cute. Amazing job, well done! xoxo

  4. This is so lovely! I've never tried needle felting before but I love the results you produced here. x

  5. These are lovely! The christmas pud is so cute :) x

  6. What gorgeous little decorations! I love the subdued colours, very special kits! Chrissie x

  7. That looks like good fun! The little decorations are lovely.
    Marianne x

  8. I'm trying again to leave a message -
    Great work Jo - I haven't tried my hand at felting although have done little bits of stitching with felt, so find this really interesting, and it's wonderful that you are being sponsored for this - well done! Lovely, lovely!
    Hugs and love, Joy xo

  9. Oh the robin is such a little cutie. Well dine in getting sponsored

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  11. I love the little christmas pudding. I have never tried felting but at this time of year I reckon it would be good to make some decorations with this. Have a great weekend. x

  12. These are so sweet I just love them
    Clare x

  13. How absolutely adorable, I really must try needle felting someday xox Penny

  14. These are crazy awesome friend!!!! I have so been wanting to make some ornaments out of the beans old baby have lit a fire under me!!! Hope you are well!!! Pinning these!!!

  15. I love needle felting, and these look like so much fun to make. I especially like the crochet embellishment.
    Well done,