Monday, 29 April 2013

Plenty of pink

Due to serious 'basket hand' my makes today have included a lasagne, ginger cake and carrot soup. I just can't crochet yet.

There are various little things going on the background which you may have spotted in the basket but these are all on a slow roast. I am making this cardigan for Little M.

She has had one before but I rushed it while we were on holiday last year because it was so cold I needed to finish it so that she could wear it! Here she is wearing it last year amongst the layers of clothes needed for a UK family holiday.

It is a simple pattern of trebles in groups of three and it is a real no brainer but I like it when I am tired. The yarn is Sirdar Calico and I didn't choose that shade of pink she did.

On the knitting needles I have started a cardigan for Big Sis for the Autumn in Katia DK it is a lovely yarn with a softness and fullness to it. Her shade of pink is easier to stomach. The pattern was mentioned in this post and it is finally a WIP.


The pattern is easy to follow but I hate three quarter length sleeves for children, they can't put their coats on without it all stuck in their armpits so I will make full length sleeves.
So if I don't post everyday, be assured that I am making something everyday! Look forward to showing you the finished garments.
Chat soon Jo xx


  1. Lovely pink projects you have on the go there!
    M x

  2. That is such a sweet pattern Jo - and lovely colour - but do take care with your painful condition - perhaps rest is a requirement and large part of the remedy?
    Joy xx

  3. You are a much more accomplished knitter than I am, Jo, but seeing what you are doing gives me the itch to improve. I have a stocking cap and a sock and a blanket on needles now! I knit a little capelet for a stuffed bunny and then most recently made her a little hat. I had started out trying to follow a simple crochet pattern for a preemie baby hat, tried it on the bunny, then got carried away and added a ruffle :-)

  4. Wow the girls are so adorable !!!:-) and your cardigan is also lovely. I'm planning to make one for my husband's niece :-)

    Following you now and looking forward to your new posts!!