Monday, 15 April 2013

Holiday fun

The girls had some holiday fun fabric painting onto cotton squares. It was the last day of their Easter holidays today.

We decided what to do with them after they were dry. Ideas included Wendy House curtains, cushions or a play pocket.

The play pocket seemed a good idea so it was time to try out the machine a bit more, play with the tension, needle, fabric thickness, bobbins etc. I think I am getting better if I take more time.

This is the play pocket in situ in the Wendy house. Little M has already filled hers with farm animals and has requested I put sweets in the pockets for them to find (good try!) Big Sis is sorting out her pencils as we speak so that she can fill her pockets with drawing things. They loved it and it lured them outside for an hour this afternoon. They changed into flip flops which is surely a measure of how much they are gunning to play outside in nice weather.

Another little item that is giving everyone in our house pleasure.
I have put the lining in my dress skirt and had a little try on today with mum putting pins in the back for a good zip fit so more of that later this week. It has been a very popular post and thanks for all your lovely comments about it, it has really spurred me on. Stay tuned.
Jo xx

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