Saturday, 13 April 2013

Injury in action

I am a bit lost at the moment as I have hurt my right shoulder. It has been niggling me since I did that mammoth craft room tidy and painting session see here.

So I have not been able to knit or crochet because it hurts too much, then again everything hurts and I have found it hard to do nothing. It has made me realise how much I pack into my days. I am particularly annoyed as I have received my wool order for some projects I have had in my head for a while.


I have turned to the sewing machine for solace because of all the craft things I do, that one is the least painful. I bought this fabric about 15 years ago and found it under the spare room bed.

It is a shot silk with embroidered flowers and I was going to make an evening dress with it and never got round to it (jeez and that was when I was on my own, what did I do with my time back then??) So I am making the dress now for a ball we are going to in October. Here is the pattern.

I am making the blue one as I felt this was the style that had dated the least in my 15 year ownership of this pattern.

It is going really well and I am making it slowly and carefully. I have learnt a lot about my machine during this make which has made sewing a little easier. Firstly, you need the right stuff for the job. I had to buy good quality Gutermann thread and a silk needle for starters and I am convinced that the hard going effort required to manoeuvre my pinking shears has contributed to my bad shoulder so I treated myself to a new pair using a gift card I was saving from my birthday in January.

My good friend said rather alarmingly, "Are you making the whole thing with the flowery material?" and I replied " Yes, people will think that's great, it's just Jo in a big flowery 1950's party dress" and she relented and said " Yeah! you can get away with that because it is you!" So I hope I can continue that confidence through to the actual evening...

I am going to do a bit more this afternoon while the children play outside and Bloke is into some heavy garden building. Have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to. Jo x


  1. Oh my goodness - I LOVE this dress and I love that it will all be flowery!

    So sorry about your shoulder; I hope it heals quickly and that you are back at it!

  2. Oh now this is looking fabulous. Looking forward to seeing the final dress x Jane

  3. It looks fabulous Jo. Looks like you've done a really great job with it. Is it all lined or just the bodice?


  4. Thanks all. It is fully lined... whhooo! I gathered the skirt today and I will have a go at gathering the lining tomorrow and attempting to make them the same size! xx

    1. I hope that goes well :) I've been contemplating investing in a 'ruffler' foot because I'm really not a fan of doing gathers!
      Looking forwards to seeing the dress come together.

      Louise x

  5. So sorry about your hurting shoulder, but glad to see your latest sewing project. I have done little machine sewing and admire so much the efforts of folks like you who master the skill! Inspires me to have another go at it :-)