Monday, 1 April 2013

Ankle warmers

Here is a quick crochet project, possibly the wrong time of year, but when I wear my boots with a skirt my legs look a bit funny poking out of my boots so I made some ankle warmers.

I did 40 chains, 3 rows of dc, 6 rows of trebles and then 3 rows of dc. Sewed them up the sides and hey presto! ankle warmers.

They fill in the space and stop my legs looking like Winnie the Witch. The wool is Patons Aran colour work and I used a 4 mm hook to make them thick and chunky. There is still snow on the ground here that will not go away so I shall wear them for my slow entry into spring.

Jo xx


  1. Fantastic idea! I didn't even know I needed some of these until I saw this. Now I know. :)

  2. Thanks. I have been looking at your quilt because bloke expressed a desire for a 'bedspread quilt' and now I am just a bit excited!! I am reading how you learnt from your first one and checkingout your tutorial links. It is all a good read. Jo xx

  3. Oh I like those VERY mucch - brilliant idea