Friday 5 April 2013

3D Flower Tutorial

3D Flower Tutorial from a scribbled down pattern when I was learning to crochet. DK yarn on a 4mm hook. UK terms.

4ch and join with a SS in a circle.

Round 1:
5Ch (counts as 1tr and 2ch) Now [1tr into the ring then 2ch] 4 times, SS into the 3rd chain of the beginning 5Ch. You should have 6 spaces in your 'wheel'
Round 2:
1 Ch, 4dc into each space on the wheel, SS into the first dc to complete the wheel.
Round 3:
1Ch, working behind the post/stem/treble below do [1dc round post then 2 ch] 5 times, 2Ch, SS into the first dc. You should have 6 raised spaces.
Round 4:
1Ch, [1dc, 1ch, 1tr, 1dtr, 1tr, 1ch, 1dc] into each raised space.
Round 5:
2Ch, working behind the stitches of the previous row. [1dc into the base of the petal, 2 ch] 5 times.
2Ch, SS into the first dc. You should have six spaces.

Round 6:
1ch, [1dc, 1ch, 2tr, 1dtr, 2tr, 1ch, 1dc] into each raised space. ss into the first dc.

Fasten off. All finished!

Add a button to the centre recess if you like.

You can add another layer if you want a bigger flower. If you do this flower with chunky wool it is pretty robust. Hope you can follow these instructions, any problems leave a comment and I will try my best to help you out.


  1. oh I love that - will definitely be trying it!

    Nikki x

  2. It is good, I used them when I made Lucy's Christmas wreath because it made a good 3D shape rather than wrapping a flower round flat. Good Luck!

  3. Hi Jo, this is a very nice tutorial. Looks very easy to follow. I am bookmarking it as a reference when I need a nice flower....nice work!
    Thanks so much for all your sweet message you leave for me on my blog, you are such a sweetheart!
    Shari xx

  4. This is awesome Jo. Thank you for going to the trouble of posting this. I love the button in the middle. I will have to remember this. I love your blog!

  5. I'll have a go at this flower over the holiday! Great blog.