Monday 8 April 2013

Bit of sewing

I don't do much sewing anymore, I used to do lots in my twenties making evening dresses for Black Tie parties, altering my clothes or decorating my first few houses with curtains and duvet covers. However, since the children have come along I have found it increasingly difficult to get it all out so to speak. That is why I have been knitting in latter years because you can do a few rows and stuff it under the sofa out of the way. Sewing always seems to take so long to get everything out - machine, ironing board, clearing the table in the first place! - I sort of left it alone for a while.

This week in the UK a sewing competition has started on the TV called the Sewingbee and it has made me get my machine out (as well as the fact that I have made enough space in the office to plug in the machine and leave it out for a few days at a time)

The first thing I did was to take to one of Bloke's shirts with a pair of scissors! He put this La Coste shirt in the recycling bag and I thought it should be down to me to recycle it and have some fun along the way.

The cotton is brilliant quality, it was the cuffs and the collar that had worn through. I like using gingham because you can use the lines as a bit of a guide to keep things straight. (ish!)
Hooray! a little cotton skirt. Big Sis chose the ricrac today at the market and it looks lovely on her.

See? there always seems to be obligatory leggings in this house! but they look OK with this skirt while the weather is still a bit chilly. Now, you can't make one of these for one of your girls, you have to make two...

Little M had one made out of my old pyjama trouser legs. That worked pretty well too. So I am slowly feeling my way back into the sewing machine. I am sure many people will be inspired to sew after seeing the Sewingbee, I know I have been and I have no complaints about that round here!

What are you making today? Jo xx



  1. both are just lovely! I saw a book in our local library of things to make out of old shirts - called something like 'the shirt off his back' I think.

    Nikki x

  2. and there was me thinking I was being really original! I will look that one up for more ideas. Thanks for commenting. Jo xx

  3. I know what you mean about getting everything out - I've commandeered the kitchen table and am making a one hour dress - it's taken four hours so far but the end is in sight! Love the Sewing Bee x Jane

  4. You clever lady you. These are awesome skirts! Such a good idea. Now I know why I crochet instead of sew...I had just simply cannot take a sewing machine with you everywhere you yarn and a hook or needles, that's an entirely different story. ;-) Someday I will sew again. :-)

  5. Oh such sweet skirts....reminded me of an adored skirt from my own childhood, a long, layered, gathered affair which made me think I was a gypsy too had a ric rac hemline.

  6. Well done! Sewing machines and I fight; and the few things I've made we're frightful. You inspire me to want to try again. I worked on crocheting a shawl today...may post a picture tomorrow :)

  7. I will look out for your shawl. I am finding the key to sewing is tension, tension, tension. If that is right I don't seem to swear so much!

  8. Fantastic! I've been watching the sewing bee prog on iplayer, it is so inspirational! I would have never thought of making a little skirt from a shirt though...that really is inspired! :)

  9. omg they look amazing! i cant wait to try to make one...i hope it looks as good as yours does :)