Saturday, 27 February 2021

Three Coats in 2021...

I have managed to make no less than three coats so far in 2021. My first Eden Coat by Tilly and the Buttons was such an enjoyable sew and a truly brilliant coat to wear but I had no real intention of making another one. I ended up making another one however when I let my mum try on my Gustav Klimt patterned coat. I was happy to make her one too knowing it would be successful with all that I had learnt from the first project.

I did order a bit less of the waterproof fabric this second time because I had quite a bit left over on the first coat but I still seemed to have a sizeable remnant left over; more than just a matching shopping bags worth. My youngest started to swoop in with subtle subliminal messages about how her current mac was not long enough to sit on and keep her bottom dry....

Call me a sucker but I knocked out another coat! This time I had to find a child version. A trawl through my vintage patterns found this retro mac which was a little big but allows room for growth. Megan can be a very tricky customer, the kind you might find on Saville Row - lots of requests for tiny details to either be added or removed - the brief was tight but I am a capricorn!

There was a panic in the back of her eyes when I showed her the pattern - maybe she thought I would make her wear orange tights or something - but after lots of encouragement to help her see the design lines rather than the artistic pattern cover illustration, I got the go ahead.

The vintage pattern was not lined but I used all the transferable skills I had learnt making the Eden coat to line hers with some slinky jersey I had from my Pound a Metre jersey bundle.

While the children remain at home, sewing is happening with earnest as I try to find alternative things to do which do not involve me using the PC or laptop but are fleeting enough for them to stop me and ask about mathematical ratios, help annotate the wordsworth poem 'Daffodils' or to join in with a PE workout! 

Hope you are staying safe and enjoying some sunshine. 
Love Jo xx


  1. That is just fabulous and now you match too. x

  2. Amazing coats my friend! You are brilliant.

  3. Nothing like sharing the coat love. Mum and daughter look fab in their new coats x

  4. Both wonderful coats, you are one talented lady. Not long now and school is back on the horizon.

  5. Finally catching up with all our creative powers. How wonderful, three rain coats for three generations. I think sewing a coat or jacket is my favourite kind of sewing. I am planning a 1960s coat with a Peter Pan colour for next autumn. I have never sewn with waterproof fabric, I worry it would gum up the machine but seeing that you don't mention this after three waterproofs, I think maybe not? I have several metres of bright yellow waterproof fabric somewhere. Time to dig it out? It sounds like you are having a good routine at home :-)

    1. No gumming here with this fabric. I used a jeans needle to get a good punch through the layers where they occurred. It was your wonderful duffle that made me start following your blog!

  6. These look so great, the lining goes so well with the outer fabric.