Friday, 2 October 2020

Secret Hidey Hole

 In continuation of showing you around our new place I have something today that will float some boats, I am sure. I have a studio all to myself!

Our new house is actually smaller than our old house so we knew that we would not have a spare room for all of my crafting tat. I even tried to give lots away to make it seem smaller but there was not a room in our new plan for it. My late father designed the new house and he didn't have a sewing machine!

My cousin laid a concrete pad ready to build an insulated log cabin way back in April. 

My brother-in-law, Andy and I built it in the sweltering heat of May lockdown. It became so hot that we actually had to stop laying the felt on the roof because it it was just too hot to kneel on. 

I painted it, had some carpet fitted and then dumped everything in there while we moved our house contents. 

Everyday in August, I emptied another box until I found a home for all of my things. The wooden wall blocks have insulation built inside them and the floor is also insulated so that things will not get damp.

Andy added electrics so that everything could get up and running.

Our old kitchen table makes a fabulous cutting table which I can only blame myself for if it is always full! I used to moan at everyone that the kitchen table was never empty enough for me to lay out fabric.

I have gradually added more pictures and things that make me happy.

There are little places for everything.

It is a wonderful place to hide for an hour or so. I have never wanted a flash car, or a luxury holiday - give me a shed with all my stuff in any day.

Of course, if you are truly creative it mostly looks more like this...

Thanks for dropping in. Have a good weekend. Jo xxx


  1. I love the sewing studio, the little washstand is gorgeous. Now you will be able to find everything. I am continually loosing and finding stuff all over my place.

  2. Be still my beating heart. It is FABULOUS. I do so want a writing shed, I am constantly eyeing up the garden and the garage and thinking, one day... So I can well imagine how happy you are with your new room. I hope you have many happy hours in there. No doubt you will produce many beautiful things. And I am so impressed that you made it yourself, with some help. CJ xx

  3. Lucky you, Jo, what a perfect crafting space. (It's something I would love to have, as my crafting stash is spread all over the house!)
    Best wishes

  4. No that is what I call a hidey hole, just wonderful. I am thrilled for you, such an amazing space.

  5. Oh this is so lovely! I'll admit it - I'm jealous.

  6. Ooh!


  7. I love it! It is so good to have a space to leave everything in, when the boys were small I had a lean to at my old house that was always too cold even with a heather on. When we moved I had the corner of the sun room and now the small bedroom as my oldest has left home. I've just been up there bag making with the music playing, no better way to spend a rainy day. x

  8. Oh you lucky woman, it is pure amazing. Wishing you many happy hours of sewing/knitting/crafting xx

  9. Loving your creative space. Enjoy xx

  10. Lita Elizabeth ashley4 October 2020 at 09:46

    I have a spare room for all my crafting and I'm grateful for that but would sooooo love to have your wonderful space. I'm happy for you but jealous too. Enjoy!

  11. I'm enjoying the tour! And so happy for you, after all your hard work.

  12. How lovely to have this space to endulge your crafting projects and have some 'me time' when you need it. Wishing you happy days x

  13. Absolutely love it, she said through a Green-with-Envy haze!! I also lost my craft room when we moved to a smaller house and 6 years on I am still muddling round with boxes under the bed and a folding table in the corner of the guest bedroom...

  14. Well, my boat is well and truly afloat. Lucky girl. xx

  15. Celebrating your creative space, Jo! I am so happy for you!xx