Thursday, 22 October 2020

The Great Outdoors

 We have been trying to get outside as much as we can while the weather is still pleasant, the hedges are still full and the nights are light.

This is the Lawley in south Shropshire, the hill you see from our house when I show you the view. We tried to find our house from the top but we could only see the general direction rather than our actual home.

At the top there is a 360 degree vista of glorious Shropshire countryside.

It is one of those walks where you think you are at the top, then there is another little hill...

...but it is not strenuous or too steep, just a lovely Sunday walk. 

We roped in a fellow walker to take a family shot. 

It has been a bit more rainy of late but walking with the dog is one of life's little pleasures which we will be indulging in this week while we are on a half term break.

Jo x


  1. What an amazing spot. Those views! And that last photo of you all together is lovely. Something I always forget to do, it's as if I don't exist when I look back at my pictures! Hope you have a good half term week.

  2. I love Shropshire, we spent months doing house move reccies there but are now moving a bit further north, just into Cheshire. Whenever I see folks taking pics of each other, I always ask if they'd like me to take a family shot. Most are chuffed, some look worried I'll nick the camera/phone. 😆 🤣 😂

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your gorgeous walk and letting us see your lovely family together, as well, Jo.xx

  4. Stunning scenery, enjoy half term all of you. x

  5. One day in the future I'll visit and then you can take me on this lovely walk, it sounds just about right for me. Great views, not overly strenuous. Half term is a distant memory for us already, I am now eagerly waiting for the Christmas break. I hope the weather stays well enough for you to have some fun family walks xx

  6. Lovely walks and stunning views around you. Enjoy half term break all of you x

  7. Gladdens the heart just to see that! The Lawley - what an unusual name for a landmark. Wonder what its derivation is?