Saturday, 25 April 2020


It was the turn of my girls to sort out their clothes this week. We don't buy many clothes for our girls and for someone who loves to sew, I don't make many for them either because my bestie has three girls older than mine therefore we have a constant stream of lovely things season to season.

However, they do sometimes need a little TLC. I wondered why Heidi had put these two lovely T-shirts on the 'giving away' pile but it turned out she said the necklines were too low. There was another yellow t-shirt which had frilly sleeves which she didn't care for either so we took the applique off the front, and cut the hem off the yellow t-shirt to make faux tops along the low neckline. Solved.

She happened to like the applique from the yellow T-shirt so this was sewn onto a plan white T-shirt after I had unpicked the pocket. Saved.

"Why don't you wear this tunic anymore Heidi?" she replied, "The cherries are coming off and I don't want to lose them." I hand sewed it on, problem solved.

The next save is a little more technical but a skill I have used often. She loved this sweatshirt but it was a cropped style which she doesn't like. At the moment the hem is on her jeans waistband and she likes this boxy style but the sleeves are of course too long because it is meant for an older girl to wear cropped. No problem I said, I can shorten the sleeves and you can wear it now before it gets too short.

I cut the cuff bands off the sweater, cut along the cuff seam and turned them inside out to reveal clean fabric and re-seamed them. It was fine to lose a little seam allowance as they had stretched out a bit anyway. I cut some fabric off the main sleeves and then sewed a gradual line from the armhole to the cuff to make a narrower cuff opening then sewed the ribbed cuffs back on. Hey presto!

Megan loved this T-shirt and actually remembered us buying it - she remembered we had bought it when we went to Buxton two years ago. I didn't remember! Anyway it will be her last summer wearing it but it had a stubborn chocolate stain right on the front. I suggested we sew a little cluster of seed beads over the top to cover it up because there were other beads on the insects. Can you spot it? 

A very successful afternoon of repairing. 

Hope you are all well. Jo xxx


  1. I'm far from being confident with a needle and thread but recently I have replaced a broken zip on a chair cushion and I'm going to take a large daisy applique from an outgrown t-shirt to sew onto a plain one which fits. When Lily was younger I used some old denim to create little flowers to patch up her jeans. She got lots of compliments from friends who thought the design was intentional.
    Some great ideas here, Jo, and I'm in awe at how you've fixed up the sweater. X

  2. Fabulous repairs Jo! Seems like it must have been the week for mending and repairing - I've been pulling out things that needed some help too. Nothing quite as ambitious as yours but still satisfying.

  3. Amazing repairs Jo, such a fantastic job. I particularly like the idea of the altered neckline something I am going to attempt on a couple of my own. Since losing a few pounds they are hanging a little lower than I would like. Take care and stay safe.

  4. Your sewing and repairs are wonderful! I too was always a 'second hand rose'. My mum would often bring home a bag of clothes from her friends who had daughters older than me :) I would feel so special getting 'new' clothes. Take care and stay safe. Best, Jane x

  5. The most satisfying type of sewing! Have a really good weekend xx

  6. Well done fixing all those wonderful clothes so they can be enjoyed even more.

  7. Gosh, you are inventive. It’s funny how a tiny little thing, easily remedied when identified, can put you off wearing a garment.

    I love Buxton - it’s not far from us.

  8. Amazing saves! I love the cherries.

  9. I love your 'mend and make do' attitude, Jo! How wonderful to put your skills into such a good use.