Thursday, 30 April 2020

All done Cactus #29

My all done posts recognise my efforts to use every last scrap of crafting materials to the very end to avoid hoarding rubbish. It usually takes time to use up a whole piece of fabric but this one was just too damn popular.

This fabric is from Minerva blogger fabric from which I made a dress for my big girl. She chose it from their website. She has had one of these skater style dresses made for her every year for the last three years. It is from Mcalls M7079 - this pattern has earned its money.

 It has a simple folded over hem for the neck which I didn't think would not be very good but it turned out just fine.

She also asked for another repeat pattern which is a top from my favourite Ottobre magazine Autumn 2012. We have made many of these tops sometimes using up different coloured scraps for different parts.

The neckline on this is my favourite way to bind a T-shirt. 

There was one sizable piece left over so we made a cropped vest top for my god daughter's 14th Birthday. We are unable to go out and get her a present at the moment therefore we thought we could make her something fun. Last year we bought her three cactus for her new bedroom window sill. 

This uses another method for a neck binding where you make a neckband which is attached to the raw edge, then you top stitch it on the second pass through the machine.

It is lock down after all and making a pair of succulent knickers seemed the most sane thing I could do with the rest of the fabric although I didn't have a thread match. They are fun and very comfortable. If I get in a bad mood, I can sense that my family will ask if it is because I am wearing my cactus pants!

Finally, Heidi salvaged the last too strips to make headbands for both her and her sister. There were literally slivers left over.

I am definitely all done with this modern cactus print fabric by Rico from Minerva. Which was your favourite make?

Stay safe all. Jo xxx


  1. Great makes, love that fabric.

  2. I love the little short sleeve top and the knickers but all of them really. It is so good to use up every last bit especially with such a fun print. x

  3. Oh gosh definitely the knickers!!!! You are so clever! Mind you, all your items turned out great!

  4. Oh wow, I just love all the items you made with the cactus fabric. You are so clever Jo
    and you really made me giggle about the knickers.

  5. Wonderful sewing as always Jo. Goodness someone has the look of her Mum today. CN x

  6. Loved it all but the knickers really did appeal. Kudos to your daughters for making the headbands, great makes.

  7. As you are the queen of using up ALL the left over pieces I have left a little surprise for you by your backdoor. I hope you and the girls enjoy rooting through, I'm sure you'll see gold where I just couldn't! Love mx

  8. Those all look amazing! I especially love the dress but the headbands are a great addition too.

  9. Well done on all the projects for that beautiful fabric.

  10. Lovely makes and what a fun fabric. Your prickly knickers made me laugh.... my favourite neckline finish is the one you show last. I don't think I have used the second type but my memory is a bit hazy xx