Wednesday, 8 April 2020

 Sewing, clearing and sorting...

My sewing machine has been a saviour. I have really enjoyed making some things with the resources I have. As many of you have probably done over the last week, I have cleared out my wardrobe. Some things went into a charity bag, some went for fabric recycling and some I put on a special pile for refashioning.

This dress is an ideal example: I made it, I wore it a lot when I worked in an office where I was sat down a lot but I never really knew what to wear on my feet with it and the jersey always stuck rigidly to my tights. I tried a petticoat while moving around in my new job in a classroom but it just rode up to my waist due to the tight fit across the bum. The fabric is such wonderful quality - so thick and warm and not a bit of pilling in sight after two years of washing. 

I found a small piece of the fabric in my jersey scrap bag which was just enough to make a hem band. Ta dah! a new top. I did try and make a skirt from the bottom because it had a lovely faced hem but it was just a bit too short for a 47 year old! I still kept it though because it was such good fabric.

Fixing, adjusting and rectifying...

Next up I tackled a Monsoon cord skirt which I bought in the January sale for £12 just before Tilly and the Buttons put out her Bobbi skirt pattern of the same style. It was a size 14 but in reality it was too big - and I knew it. I unpicked a bit of the waistband facing and sides then sewed a smooth line to take in the waist and hips. What a save.

Cutting, using and deciding...

Next, I had a good sort out in my craft cupboard. I swooped onto the kitchen table before anymore 'home learning' took place, like the proverbial German with a beach towel - except mine was fabric. 

I cut out 5 items, mostly from left over fabrics and one nice new cactus jersey from Minerva which arrived before lock down.

Finding, making and loving...

Megan has soap making supplies. She had them for her birthday when she was eight, she loves making it. She made two bars of soap with some shea butter in to try to save our dry hands from washing them all the time. They were very successful and fragrant.

Baking, eating and learning...

I tell you what, this girl can knock up a brilliant coffee cake all on her own - it was delicious. I promised she could bake after she had done her school work.

Knitting, crafting and relaxing...

I have finished a little boys tank top. The yarn was different thicknesses which gave it a really nice texture. There is also a yarn cake which I had as a Christmas present, it is being crocheted into a simple triangle for a scarf. 

Finally, some endeavour from my fella. He has painted the lounge. He was going to paint all the woodwork in the house too but after a day with a bucket of hot soapy water it turns out all our house needed was cleaning! ha ha

Maybe if you are low on fabric or notions you could refashion something you already own? 

Stay Safe. Jo xxx


  1. The dress to top refashion worked so well! I’ve been really enjoying making things from fabric that I already own, it really allows your to rediscover something that was bought a while ago.

  2. Love the new refashioned top very pretty. The cake looked delicious, she is doing so well. You seem to be filling your days really well. Stay safe.

  3. I completely forgot it was April already! Your refashioned t-shirt looks fab, I actually prefer it over the tunic version. Funny, I took a dress out of my wardrobe today to refashion into a shirt this coming weekend. Coffee cake has to be a world favourite, you are lucky to have a cake baker in the house. Mine have shifted to brownies, which I don't like nearly as much as cake. So glad you were spared painting the woodwork. Backbreaking stuff! I have been too tired to make or sew lately, which is unusual for me. Have a really lovely evening xx

  4. What super makes and I love how you always organise everything in to ready to make piles. I have been refashioning and sorting you have read my mind I just haven't documented much of it. I resized and altered two me-made dresses that were not getting much wear to give them new life, used up some jersey bits for boxer shorts for grown up son then ordered more jersey as I now have an addiction to making them! Lots of sorting going on like you, that coffee
    cake looks fantastic too. Take care. x

  5. Well done by you Jo, re-purposing, making, creating and raising those darling girls. Stay safe.

  6. Such a good ‘save’ for that top. Could you maybe add wide ribbing or jersey in a toning colour to the skirt piece, to lengthen it?