Thursday, 16 April 2020

Knitting without Sleeves

A little more baby knitting to use up yarn that has made its way to the very bottom of the yarn basket. I also got the chance to use my new stitch markers which my aunt made for me and sent in the post - we are a making and sharing kind of family.

This is Sirdar Amalfi which another aunt gave me for my birthday in January. She had bought it in sale bin but then had not found the right project to use it. In all honesty, I was not sure myself but I had one of those rare surprises where the garment looked 100 times better than I thought it would. It is a kind of lilac grey with flecks of pink and jade, it looks so much prettier in real life. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it.

The pattern is from ravelry. It is about £5 but I have knit four of these since buying the pattern when Megan was 2 - she is now 10. The sizes go from aged 2 to aged 8 so it is a good value pattern and superbly written. 

This top was aged 2 size and used two 50g balls of the yarn. I made a flower with the last bit but didn't add a button for the centre because it is for a one year old birthday gift - her mum can add one if she wants to. I posted the top along with the last ball so that the little girl's grandma can knit her a hat. I am not sure on the sizing to make one myself so I thought it best to just move the ball on to the next person.

My tension was really even with this slippy cotton and viscose mix - that or I am just really relaxed being at home!

Thanks for dropping by. Love to you all. Jo xxx


  1. I really love this we top Jo. The colour is unusual but quietly sparkly. The actual ball of yarn looks a bit dull. I suppose it a cygnet turning into a swan kind of situation. Your tension is indeed spot on, it looks almost machine knit. Being at home is quite relaxing I find, if it wasn't for work of course. Have a lovely day or two or three xx

  2. Oh thankyou for sharing the pattern! I have a mind to knit a vest for an 8yo granddaughter and this looks just right. As Christina says, you have done a great job on the forte is sewing hence my knitted goods are always a tad ho-hum!! Fortunately I dont mind!!! ;)

  3. Such a great pattern. I loved the yarn with the subtle hints of colour throughout, so very pretty.

  4. I love a quick, useful, good-looking make. Those stitch markers are so dainty looking! I just use tatty old bits of scrap wool ��

  5. Your knitting is amazing! The yarn is really pretty I like the splashes of turquoise.

  6. Beautiful sweater JO, the yarn is a perfect choice. Stay well and safe.