Tuesday, 30 July 2019

More Making

House building stuff has been good but steady. We have been concentrating on outdoor clearing ready for landscaping while there are dry days and light nights. When it rains though, I turn my attention to some new home ware sewing to get me ahead of the game when we return to the inside work.

I bought these two chairs from Ebay - I wasn't even looking for them but they came up on my feed for £25 for the pair and I liked the shape. I imagined looking out from our lounge view above whilst knitting, comfortably sat on one of these low seats. I am short so having my feet on the floor holds my posture well while knitting or crocheting. We weren't so keen on the 1960's covers but I knew I could rectify that. 

I re covered the seat pads with some recycled curtains from our current house. This Laura Ashley fabric is 18 years old but absolutely timeless in my eyes. I bought zips to make sure that they could enjoy a long life by being removed and washed. Unfortunately, the back cushions could not be salvaged therefore I bought two new feather cushion pads. Again, I added zips to ensure they could be washed. 

It really is a wonderfully comfortable chair, I wish you could have a sit down and see for yourself! The photos are a bit mid-build but you get the idea.

Pushing the boat out with piping makes them look super professional. I used a linen look one from minerva Crafts online.

Secondly, there was a roman blind to construct. The check pattern of the fabric made it easier to cut and sew a straight line but I am getting a bit of sagging in the middle because it is nearly two metres wide. On the final fitting I will add a few stab stitches to join the lining and outer fabric together invisibly. 

The instructions are from the first Great British Sewing Bee book.

I am also getting a bit of rucking but as this was my first fitting they could really do with a good press which I have not done yet.

It fits the window which was my main aim of hanging them today. A bit more work needed on the finishing but I am nearly there.

A little premature for the completion of our house but all of these items have been packed away now in bin bags to stop them from getting dusty. I am really pleased that I have managed to recycle a lot of what I already had to get a few home furnishings under my belt.

One day, but I can't promise when, you will get the full picture.

Keep popping in. Jo xxxxx


  1. So lovely - a great balance of old and new.

    They all look very ‘meant’, if you know what I mean - as though they are now what they always should have been in the first place!

  2. I love it, like Barbara said such a great balance of old and new.

  3. Those chairs look brilliant now Jo! I am really looking forward to seeing your place when you finish it!
    am also mid renovation this summer with a remodel of the middle floor of my house. It's the lounge, kitchen and dining space which means meals are being prepared in the garage. I think we are at peak disruption before the electrician comes on Thursday to start putting things back together again after quite a big amount of destruction!!

  4. Your chairs do look very inviting, I'll be round in about an hour... If only! Funny enough they remind me of travels a long time ago, when I visited Tanzania with my grandfather and an equally elderly Franciscan monk. I am still trying to figure out why. What a good use of a pair of curtains. Love the delicate colours and print, very calm. Have a lovely day xx

  5. I love your chairs! What a bargain! I love the fabric that you have repurposed to cover the cushions. Nice roman blind too. Good luck with the rest of the house building. XXX

  6. Wow, those chairs were a find! I love them, and you've breathed new life into them with the cushion covers. I can imagine that making these soft furnishings is both a nice distraction from the mess, but a way to stay focused on the end goal. :-)

  7. I'm so excited for you, Jo, you are putting so much love and hard work into the house and it will be wonderful. I love the chairs, they look sturdy and comfy, but mostly I envy your skill. The cushions and the curtains are both amazing.