Sunday, 21 July 2019

Joyride Jumper

Tomorrow is the start of our six week summer school break - Joyride indeed! We always start the holidays with a trip to the Shropshire hills for a 'chipnic' It is like a picnic but we buy fish and chips from Church Stretton and drive up the perilous road to the top of the Long Mynd for tea with our friends. The children run about in the wind and then we all go the pub for a few drinks. It is our portal to the long holidays. The top of the blustery hill was the ideal place to take some pictures of my latest knit.

It is a free bottom up knit from Garnstudio called Joyride. My Auntie saw it in a magazine and said to my mum, "This is a real Jo jumper." How true. It is knit with Drops Karisma 100% wool. 

I made a few modifications of course. I ran out of navy yarn to finish the neck band because I made the sleeves slightly longer. I added the aforementioned ribbed neckband because I like a definite band not a rolled unfinished edge. The sleeves have an added rib too because they were too baggy without one. I didn't add patterns to the sleeves and there was a bit more patterning around the neck but they seemed to mix up the overall effect so I stuck with the leaf shapes.

My colourwork knitting is much better than it used to be. The floats are an even tension which still allows for stretch but is not saggy at resting point. I am super pleased with the inside.

There were ends...lots of ends. In reality however it was only a TV program and a darning needle away from being finished. 

I used to spend the week before the big holidays having a really strange relationship with time. I would tidy, sort, clean, wash, garden and generally work myself to the bone in the belief that I could cram six weeks worth of chores into one week. All that happened was that the house was trashed in the first week and I had a faint feeling of resentment for the rest of the holidays. This year, I ringed the changes and spent an afternoon knitting my sweater; going for lunch with a retiring work colleague; doing an epic dog walk with another friend and making a dress. It felt a better way to spend the week.

Beano managed to get hold of the rest of the ball of green whilst momentarily unattended but I had just enough without regular teeth marks and breakages to get to the end. 

 I am wearing my 'knitting Ninja' badge because I feel truly accomplished making this sweater. I really LOVE it. 

What do you think? Have a good week. 
Jo xxxxxx


  1. It is gorgeous Jo and fits you perfectly. Glad you took time for yourself, cleaning can happen another day.

  2. Gorgeous, it is indeed a real Jo jumper. You could even wear it inside out, your colour knitting is so neat! Like your new approach to the holidays, sounds less stressful. We are in week 4 and I am starting to be a bit frazzled. Holiday camp for a week this week because it is just me and the little ones. Three of us are away in various parts of the world xx

  3. Your sweater is lovely Jo and the colours are gorgeous. I used to leave the house until they had gone back after the six weeks otherwise it was soon back to the chaos within the first week. Then after the October half term it was a count down to christmas clean I'd pick a room have a really good sort out and declutter ready for whatever noisey toy or board game would next be bought for one of them.

    Hope you enjoy the holidays.


  4. It's stunning, a truly fabulous finish, well done. It fits you so well and looks great.
    Have fun over the summer hols.

  5. It is gorgeous, the perfect make for a blustery walk. It is the perfect fit and a stunning colourway. Hope you have a wonderful break with your girls.

  6. Superb

    Practical yet flattering

  7. Ok, putting aside the fact that it's 32°C here and even looking at that amount of wool makes me itch, oh my goodness that is one knock-out jumper. It's stunning. A great pattern, and it looks really good on you. I bet you can't wait for autumn! xx

    1. Also sorry for the comment-bombing. Can you tell it's the school holidays?! xxxx